WWE: Antonio Cesaro Stays In The 7 Series In London, UK


Finally, the Swiss Superman Antonio Cesaro is in the winning column. After the defeat of 3-0 against Sheamus in best of seven series, Antonio Cesaro managed to capture his first victory. The story is broken by WWE Raw in the UK.

The series is very important because it will determine the future contender for WWE Universal Title. With the potential for seven games, most believe that he will end up in the Battle of Champions. The series is different from the majority because superstars are ready to trade winnings and losses to the victorious end.

The belt, also known as the Dorito Locos Tacos Championship, is in the hands of Kevin Owens. However, this may change how Owens will defend his title against Seth Rollins (and perhaps the Roman Reigns) in the “Clash of Champions.” Also, it is not clear when and where the winner of the series will challenge for the belt.

The series is rough for Antonio Cesaro beyond his three losses. In the second match, Sheamus threw him into the ring post, causing a back injury in the process.

Since then, Cesaro has covered an extra KT tape than usual, if that’s the only thing that keeps its impressive figure together. With his victory in the fourth, maybe this helps.

Personal Take

We can easily say that the series ends in the Clash of Champions, but nothing is absolute. The fact that the current series of 3-1 makes it a bit more intriguing and the WWE has some unique twists recently. Again Kevin Owens is the current Universal champ.

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