Why You Should Secure Your Travel With Travel Insurance Plan


Travel insurance can help you cope with medical emergencies, unexpected expenses, and various other risks that you may face while travelling. It covers compensation for lost baggage or passport, travel cancellations, aviation accidents and other damages while travelling domestically or internationally. In India, travel insurance is quickly becoming a must when planning a family vacation, business trip or even a camping trip.

You can choose from a wide range of travel insurance policies, such as those with extensive medical reimbursements or flight delays compensation. In some countries, such as the United States, medical costs can be exorbitant. Thus, you can choose a travel insurance plan depending on the country of your trip. Likewise, you may want to consider related objectives for domestic travel that cover trip cancellation, trip interruption, and other associated risks.

Travel Insurance

Types of Travel Insurance Plans

There are different types of travel insurance plans that you can take advantage of.

Domestic Travel Insurance

For travel within India’s legal borders, you can take advantage of this type of best travel insurance policy and get coverage for delays and interruptions in your flight or travel. It can cover medical emergencies, irreversible disabilities and even include costs and legal issues in the event of death while travelling. Personal liability usually has checked baggage and travel delays.

Overseas Travel Insurance

For all international destinations, insurance policies have been created abroad, taking into account various possibilities, such as compensation for complete loss of luggage, non-cash hospitalization, etc. These policies also cover travel delays, risks, and losses resulting from hijack, evacuation, failure of essential travel documents and life coverage.

Student Travel Insurance

This travel insurance can help students going abroad to study at universities, colleges and universities. Students can apply if they decide to take academic and professional courses at foreign universities. The required documents are minimal, and full coverage of medical and medical services, life, loss of passports and documents, loss of equipment and interruptions in the course.

Medical Travel Insurance

This type of insurance is made specifically for the purpose of visiting a country for medical treatment. It covers short-term travel as well as emergency medical care and evacuation from abroad. There may be different clauses and exceptions depending on the insurance company and who purchased the health insurance.

Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens

This policy is a specially designed travel insurance plan for people belonging to the age group from 61 to 70. It usually covers dental and fundamental medical problems while travelling on board with cashless payments. It also provides other benefits related to travel insurance.

Family Travel Insurance

If you are travelling together, your entire family can be covered by the same insurance policy. This will include insurance for lost baggage, flight cancellations, medical expenses and non-cash hospitalization.

Group Travel Insurance

This is for people travelling together and not bonded by the blood which can be ensured to get the same protection as a standard travel insurance policy while saving on individual premiums.

Pregnancy Travel Insurance

This is unique insurance covering the urgent needs of a pregnant woman travelling to another country or even a country who can seek medical help if needed.

What is covered in Travel Insurance Policy?

Travel insurance policies cover urgent medical care, loss of baggage, delay/cancellation of flights, urgent accommodation, hospitalization, primary treatment, loss of essential documents and many other such simples but fundamental problems.

Why is it important to take Travel Insurance?

Lost baggage, expensive medical care in another country, loss of essential documents, cancellation/delay and additional costs to cover them can ruin a well-planned trip. A small premium on travel insurance will help you a lot to mitigate the consequences of delays and unexpected losses during the trip.

What to do if I lose my passport during travel?

You need to contact your travel insurance company. They will help you with a local contact person who will reimburse you for the cost of obtaining another temporary passport issued in the same country. Your travel insurance covers this if you have chosen one.


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