Why Kane Reveals His Mask In WWE?


Glenn Thomas Jacobs also known as Kane in the ring name of WWE professional wrestler superstar said he and Vince McMahon CEO of WWE decided to remove the mask.

Born: 26 April 1967, Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain
Height: 2.13 m
Weight: 147 kg
Full name: Glenn Thomas Jacobs
Spouse: Crystal Maurisa Goins (m. 1995)

Kane made his opening statement at WWE Bad Blood 1997. Before that, Glenn Jacobs worked several gimmicks in the WWE, like the Fake Diesel and Dr. Issac Yankem. In 2003, Kane began to quarrel with Triple X for the World Heavyweight Championship. Between the two teams at Madison Square Garden the match for the championship with the additional condition that if the Big Red Machine lost, Kane should reveal his mask. Kane was the most destructive during the match, but he lost his desperation due to the intervention of Evolution.

Kane spoke about his performance in the ring with a mask. He said that he took away his face mask and made him use the body language to excite the audience as an artist. He mentions that for a long time 2003 rolled around, the masked demon persona was left behind. Kane told the Edge and the Christian that he and Vince had decided to relieve the character of the mask, although many of the creative group team did not approve of his decision.

Looking back, Kane claimed that, perhaps, one of the best things that ever did is that he garnered him the main event status in the WWE. Big Red Machine won several championships and Money in the Bank Ladder after removing the mask.

Kane also claimed that sometimes it’s hard to see with a mask on. He noted that the sport of ring masks is used.

What’s next?

In recent years, Kane has taken a large part of the part-time role in the company. He will work for the Mayor of Knox Country, TN. He often wrote to say that he wanted to do something different, and help the community.

Kane is one of the most respected and intelligent individuals in WWE. He stood in WWE for the last twenty years. He rediscovered himself from time to maintain himself relevant with the current product. His work with the company, and without a mask, providing a place in the Hall of Fame.

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