Why Choose A Dedicated Server Hosting?


A dedicated server has maximum power, security and control. With a dedicated server, you don’t have to share resources with anyone. Some of the main reasons people choose a dedicated server over other hosting options are:

Dedicated Server Hosting

Safety is a top priority

If you run a large online business, security should be your top priority. With web hosting services that share resources (VPS or shared hosting), you run the risk of security breaches and attacks. On the other hand, a dedicated server offers optimal protection for your websites and any stored user information.

Superior performance

With a dedicated server, customers have access to all the features of an enterprise-class server designed with their specific needs in mind. There is no hosting solution that provides superior performance on a dedicated server – a dedicated server is as good as it gets. This is especially true when it comes to I / O: for heavy read/write applications – those that depend on databases or the ability to process data quickly – the only thing better than a dedicated server is a more powerful dedicated server.

You expect consistently high traffic.

The amount of traffic coming to your site every day is an important factor in your sites’ performance. If you expect high traffic levels daily, a dedicated server will allow your site to handle even the most significant traffic spikes.

Improved efficiency/cost profile

For long-term workloads, dedicated servers offer the best value for money. You’ll pay less for more dedicated servers, from low-cost dual-core systems to giant multi-processor machines with hundreds of gigabytes of RAM. Many companies are moving from virtualized platforms to dedicated servers because they believe virtualization benefits do not justify the additional cost.

Page load times should be lightning-fast

If your page load time is delayed, you tend to impact the performance of your site negatively. Visitors who visit your site usually wait only two to three seconds for the page to load before leaving. Avoid losing your business and page visitors by hosting your site on a dedicated server with many resources.


Most businesses, both small and large, have ambitions to grow their customer base and increase revenue. But with the limited resources provided in cloud and shared hosting solutions, it can be not easy to deal with high peaks in traffic – and this is where a dedicated server is the most suitable of its kind.

A dedicated host will provide 100% performance on demand. The server usually has several roles – it can be a WordPress server with a MySQL database and Apache and PHP client-side. As an organization grows, there will be huge overheads on a dedicated server.

If the business grows exponentially beyond expectations, additional dedicated sites can be added, and website applications can be split into different sites to improve overall platform performance.

It would help if you had customized programming parameters.

If you have individual programming needs, a dedicated server is a right option. Generally speaking, shared hosting does not give you custom programming options if you can set up a dedicated server as you see fit. You will have complete control over your server and hosting environment.

You Expect Great Growth

If you have a site that will need many resources in the not too distant future, you may be better off starting with the hosting you need instead of trying to move your site to a dedicated server. Other hosting options will allow you to scale up, but there is a limit to the number of resources you will have access to.

High Availability

The hosting provider uses enterprise-grade technology to protect your dedicated server best. Physical servers are protected from 24/7 monitoring, overpowering, network connectivity, and storage.

The interworking hardware that runs the server is managed by the hosting provider, delivering excellent uptime of up to 99.9% guaranteed by SLA. As a dedicated server client, you don’t need to worry about how the rest of the infrastructure will work together; the provider supports all this technical assistance.


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