Who Is Darlene Love Related To?


They reunited in 1971 (see 1971 in music) and still perform today. Kenniebrew is the only original Crystal who remained active throughout their touring from the seventies to the present.

What was the Crystals biggest hit?

Top Crystals Songs

  • He’s a Rebel. 32 1962 Pop. 18 1962 R&B. 5 1962 Rock. 1962.
  • Uptown. 23 1962 Rock. 1962.
  • Da Doo Ron Ron. 36 1963 R&B. 1 1963 Rock. 36 1963 Pop. …
  • Then He Kissed Me. 20 1963 Pop. 56 1963 R&B. 11 1963 Rock. …
  • There’s No Other (Like My Baby) 73 1961 R&B. 20 1961 Rock. 1961.
  • He’s Sure the Boy I Love. 96 1962 R&B. 13 1962 Rock. 1962.

What happened to the Crystals singers?

Barbara Ann Alston, co-founder and lead singer of the hit-making Sixties girl group the Crystals, died February 16th in Charlotte, North Carolina. She was 74. The singer’s family told the Charlotte Observer that Alston died at a Charlotte hospital following a two-week battle with the flu.

Was Darlene in love with Ronettes?

As a member of the Blossoms, Love contributed backing vocals behind many of the biggest hits of the 1960s including the Ronettes’ “Be My Baby”, Shelley Fabares’ “Johnny Angel”, Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s “Monster Mash”, Frank Sinatra’s version of “That’s Life”, and the Crystals’ “Da Doo Ron Ron”.

Did Darlene Love sing with Elvis?

Elvis Presley. Along with her all-girl group the Blossoms, Darlene sang background vocals for Elvis on his song “Let Us Pray,” which was included in his last film, 1969’s Change of Habit.

Was Darlene Love On The masked singer?

‘The Masked Singer’ Recap: Elephant Heads to the Graveyard

Nicole Scherzinger had a hunch it might be girl group legend Darlene Love, while Ken Jeong was absolutely certain it was triple threat Maya Rudolph, or, after some very twisted logic involving James Bond and tree nuts, Tina Turner.

Are any of the Ronettes alive?

Estelle Bennett, one of the beehived queens of 1960s girl-group pop as a member of the Ronettes, has died at her home in Englewood, N.J. She was 67. Bennett’s younger sister, Veronica (better known as Ronnie), who, with Ms. … Hunter, survives her.

Was Phil Spector married to Darlene Love?

Darlene Love’s career — and name — are forever tied to legendary producer Phil Spector, who died Saturday (Jan. 16). … I don’t feel grief,” she says a few hours after learning of his death. “It’s really sad that the way he ended his life in prison for killing somebody.

What song is Darlene Love famous for?

She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for her lead vocals on such early-’60s hits as “He’s a Rebel,” “The Boy I’m Gonna Marry” and “He’s Sure the Boy I Love” and for her harmony behind Elvis Presley, the Righteous Brothers, Dionne Warwick and Luther Vandross.

How old is Darlene Love still alive?

78-year-old songstress Darlene Love became a Christmas music legend over the years. After her #1 1962 hit “He’s a Rebel,” Love became famous for her holiday classic “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home),” released on the Phil Spector-produced album A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector.

What race were the Ronettes?

The Ronettes were a family affair

According to Biography, Estelle and Ronnie Bennett’s father was Irish and their mother was of African American and Cherokee descent. Pop History Dig says that Nedra Talley came from a Black, Indian, and Puerto Rican background.

Did the Ronettes wear wigs?

When it came to the 1963 success of the Ronettes, it was part “Be My Baby,” part beehive. “We had this different look, this big hair — which was ours,” Ronnie Spector says of the group she led. “A lot of groups back then used wigs. But this was our own hair.

Who wrote songs for the Crystals?

Carole King, who wrote the music to Gerry Goffin’s lyrics, subsequently disowned the composition, saying “it’s the one song I kind of wish I hadn’t had any part of writing”.


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