WhatsApp’s Big Decision, Now Only 1 Message Will Be Forwarded Instead Of 5!


Instant messaging app WhatsApp has announced a new limit on forwarded messages. The company has taken this decision keeping in mind the rapidly spreading misinformation about the ongoing pandemic disease coronavirus.


WhatsApp has said that a new limit is being imposed on forwarded messages and it is being implemented simultaneously across the world. The company has said that the forwarded messages will be forwarded to anyone only once.

More forwarded messages means any message that has been forwarded more than five times. It is worth noting that last year, the company started putting a label on the message being forwarded so that WhatsApp users can know that the message is forwarded.

Regarding the message forward on WhatsApp, the company has said, ‘We know that many users forward important information to each other through WhatsApp. These include funny videos, memes, etc. that they find necessary.

The company has said that in the recent few weeks, people have used WhatsApp to organize public moments regarding frontline health workers.

According to WhatsApp, there has been an increase in WhatsApp forward message recently and these also serve to spread false information. The company believes that to prevent such miss information, it is necessary to stop the messages which are spreading fast.

The company has also emphasized in its blog that WhatsApp is for personal use and should be kept as a personal place.

The company has also said that forwarding messages is not a wrong thing. In addition to this change, WhatsApp is also working with NGO, Government and WHO so that the right information can reach people.

After this change of WhatsApp, users will not be able to forward forwarded messages with more than one contact. However, the company has not imposed any restriction on copying and pasting the message. That is, the forwarded messages can still be copied and shared to more than one user.


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