What Apple Trees Do Not Need A Pollinator?


“Gravenstein” is completely infertile. Apples such as these are called triploids and both require a cross-pollinator and are unable to pollinate other trees.

Will Fuji pollinate Gravenstein?

Gravenstein apple trees require pollination with any self-fertile variety of apple tree; some common choices include gala, fuji, empire, or red and yellow delicious.

Do all apples need a pollinator?

All varieties of apple trees require some cross-pollination for fruit set. Even though some varieties are listed as self-fruitful, they will set fruit more heavily and more regularly if they are cross-pollinated.

Do I need two apple trees to get fruit?

One tree is not enough

While some apple varieties are self-pollinating, even they produce more fruit with another variety nearby. So if you want an abundance of fruit, you’ll need to buy a second apple tree when you head out to the nursery (unless your neighbor is growing apples, too).

How close should apple trees be to pollinate?

Since bees fly between trees, it’s also important to consider the spacing between your apple trees. Plant them too far apart and bees can’t reach the pollinator partners! For pollination purposes, the recommended planting distance for apple trees is within a 100 foot distance.

Will two Fuji apple trees pollinate each other?

“Fuji” Apple Pollination

A handful of apple trees are self-fertile, meaning the flowers on the same tree can pollinate one another. “Fuji” and most other apple trees are not self-fertile and require another variety of apple tree nearby for pollination.

Is Fuji apple self pollinating?

Fuji apple trees, like most apples, need a pollinating partner. Gala, Jonathan, Golden Delicious, or Granny Smith are good suggestions.

Will Granny Smith pollinate Fuji?

Your Fuji can be pollinated by Cortland, Gala, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, Macoun, Pristine, and Rubinette.

Do I need 2 Honeycrisp apple trees?

Like most apple trees, Honeycrisp apple trees require a pollinator to be fruitful. That means there needs to be another apple tree of a different variety — ideally growing within 50 feet of the Honeycrisp tree — for adequate cross-pollination.

Is Honeycrisp apple self pollinating?

Honeycrisp apple trees don’t self-pollinate, so they need other apple trees that are six to 12 inches away to help with fertilization. Fuji, Golden Delicious, and Red Delicious apple trees work well as pollinators because they survive in the same hardiness zones as the Honeycrisp apple tree.

What trees pollinate Gravenstein apples?

A triploid apple variety, the Gravenstein Apple Tree requires pollination from another apple trees.

Good pollinators for the Gravenstein Apple include:

  • Granny Smith.
  • McIntosh.
  • Zestar.
  • Golden Delicious.

Can you self pollinate an apple tree?

Can Apples Self-Pollinate? For the most part, apples can’t pollinate themselves. Most varieties of apple are dioecious, and there’s nothing we can do about it. If you want to grow an apple, you are going to have to plant a neighboring apple tree.

Are there any self-fertile apple trees?

Some self-fertile varieties include Golden Delicious, Braeburn, Granny Smith, and Scrumptious. Check the Home Orchard Society for a more thorough breakdown of self-fruitful varieties — there are quite a few. Keep in mind, however, that even self-fertile apple varieties will bear more fruit if cross-pollinated.

Do you need a male and female apple tree?

As the bee visits different flowers it becomes coated with pollen, which gets transferred to other flowers on other trees. Although the apple blossom has both male and female parts (the apple tree is a hermaphrodite), it is self-incompatible. Apple trees require cross-pollination (Browning 1998, p. 19).

How long does it take a Fuji apple tree to bear fruit?

First Crop

106 reaches a mature height of 12 to 15 feet, but takes four to five years to produce the first apple crop.

Will a pear tree pollinate an apple tree?

Apple and pear trees cannot cross pollinate one another because they are not part of the same species nor genus. Apples are in the genus Malus while pears are in the genus Pyrus.

Where do Fuji apples grow best?

Fuji apples are grown in traditional apple-growing states such as Washington, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, and California. Washington State, where more than half of America’s apple crop is grown, produces about 135,000 tons of Fuji apples each year, third in volume behind Red Delicious and Gala varieties.

Is Gala apple trees self pollinating?

Gala trees are self-fertile, which means they set fruit without another apple variety nearby for cross-pollination. However, to ensure greater fruit production, it’s wise to plant another variety of apple that blossoms at the same time as “Gala” for cross-pollination.

What is the best pollinator for a Fuji apple tree?

Some good pollinators for Fuji apple include Rome, Braeburn, Gala, Granny Smith, Red Delicious and Empire.

  • Rome. Rome apples are one of the best pollinators for Fuji apples. …
  • Red Delicious. …
  • Braeburn.

How big do Gala apple trees get?

Gala AppleMalus domestica ‘Gala’

The semi-dwarf variety grows to a height of 12–15′ with a spread of 12–15′. The dwarf variety grows to a height of about 10′ with a spread of about 10′.

How deep should I plant an apple tree?

Dig a hole twice the diameter of the root system and 2 feet deep. Place some of the loose soil back into the hole and loosen the soil on sides of the planting hole so roots can easily grow. Spread the apple tree roots, making sure they are not crowded or twisted.

Can an apple tree pollinate a plum tree?

This is because the pollen from apple flowers is best suited to pollinate the female apple flowers. Since other species, such as pear, cherry, plum, are genetically too different, they generally cannot pollinate apple trees and vice-versa.

How many apple trees should be planted together?

Tip. Unless you plant a self-pollinating apple tree, you need at least two trees for proper pollination. The trees should be different cultivars that flower at the same time.


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