What Animals Eat Hickory Nuts?


Eastern Chipmunks, Red, Gray, Fox and Flying Squirrels, Raccoons, and rabbits all eat Hickory nuts. Squirrels may bury some of the nuts rather than eating them right away. This habit helps to disperse the Hickories if the squirrels don’t come back and eat the nuts at a later date.

What can I do with wild hickory nuts?

Hickory nuts were eaten by Native Americans many years ago, and they would gather them and store them in barrels. They used to mash them and grind them to make delicious foods. When you cook hickory nuts in boiling water, you will make a fatty porridge type dish, but you can also eat them raw right out of the shell.

What nuts do deer eat?

Nuts are one of their most favorite food sources. So, deer will eat pecans, acorns, beechnuts, hickory nuts, and lots more. They usually eat nuts during Fall or early winter while trying to feel up with enriching nutrients as they prepare for the harsh winters.


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