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Cherry blossoms are the flowers of numerous Prunus or Prunus subg. Cerasus trees. Japanese cherry and Sakura (or; or) are other names for them. They usually refer to beautiful cherry trees rather than cherry trees that bear edible fruit. It is considered Japan’s national flower.

Cherry tree species in the wild are mostly found in the Northern Hemisphere. Cherry trees for decorative purposes are classified in the genus Prunus, which has roughly 400 species in Europe and North America, according to the mainstream classification. Ornamental cherry trees, on the other hand, are classified in the genus Cerasus, which has roughly 100 species split from the genus Prunus, and does not contain Prunus salicina, Prunus persica (Peach), Prunus mume, and Prunus grayana, among others.

However, there were few wild cherry trees in Europe and North America with huge blossoms appropriate for cherry blossom viewing. Many of them were unlike the conventional cherry tree forms and blooms that people nowadays associate with cherry blossom viewing. There has been a tradition of viewing plum blossoms in mainland China since ancient times, and there were many wild cherry blossom species, but many of them had small flowers, and the distribution area of wild cherry blossom species that bore large flowers suitable for hanami was often limited to a small area away from people’s living areas.

In Japan, however, Prunus speciosa (Oshima cherry) and Prunus jamasakura (Yamazakura), which bloom huge blossoms appropriate for cherry blossom viewing and grow to be enormous trees, were found across the country and near to people’s homes. As a result, it is thought that the culture of watching cherry blossoms and cultivar production originated historically in Japan.

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