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Undertaker is an American professional wrestler, who is a four times the WWF/E Champion and three-time world champion in the heavyweight. He is considered one of the most popular wrestlers in the world today, he began a career with the World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) for more than three decades. He became associated with the WWE in 1990 and has worked there ever since, becoming a WWE performer longest serving performer.

Born as Mark William Calaway in Texas, he was a tall and well-built boy who took a special interest in the sport. He played basketball in high school team, and played college basketball while studying at Wesleyan University in Texas.

He goes into battle in 1984 and adopted various techniques and names ring over the next few years to create a successful image for himself. He took the name of the master of the ring in pain in 1989 and eventually became known as The Punisher himself.

While working with the World Wrestling Championship (WCW), he adopted the ring name Mean Mark Callous a name which is devised for him by Terry Funk. However, it was only after joining the wrestling, he finally took the undertaker-name identity that catapulted him to worldwide fame and glory, and made him one of the most popular athletes in the world.

Born: 24 March 1965, Houston, Texas, United States
Spouse: Michelle McCool (m. 2010), Sara Calaway (m. 2000–2007), Jodi Lynn (m. 1989–1999)
Children: Gunner Vincent Calaway, Gracie Calaway, Kaia Faith Calaway, Chasey Calaway
Education: Waltrip High School (1983), Texas Wesleyan University

List of Undertaker Names

  • The Phenom
  • The Punisher
  • The American Bad Ass
  • The Red Devil
  • Booger Red
  • Big Evil
  • The Lord of Darkness
  • The Conscience of the WWE
  • Mean Mark Callous
  • Cain the Undertaker

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