Snapchat’s App Ratings Drop To One Star On App Store


It was not a good Sunday for Snapchat, just one day after the news that the company allegedly CEO Evan Spiegel showed a lack of interest in expanding the business of social app’s in “poor countries” like India and Spain.


Now, the company is facing backlash in the form of a Snapchat rating of the app lowered to a “one star” in the recent comments left by users on the Google’s Play Store.

According to the application in the app store on the “Customer Ratings” of the current version of the application was “single star” (based on ratings of 7,985) and all versions of the rating is “one and a half stars” (based on 9.652 ratings) on Sunday morning. The rating of the app on Google Android Play Store was “four stars” (based on 12,007,683 ratings).

Snapchat Indian Reviews

There are a lot of angry Indians and many took to social media to pounce on the alleged statement of the executive director Snapchat. As the ratings of the application dropped, the criticism of the CEO and the app increased.

The application is also trolled by Twitter with hashtag #boycottsnapchat have become a trending tag on Twitter overnight. Snapchat has more than four million users in India.


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