Sanjay Dutt Play To Play a Father In De Dhakka Remake


Director Mahesh Manjrekar, who worked with the actor Sanjay Dutt several times in the past, will direct the Hindi remake of Marathi, “De Dhakka”, with the actor again. Director gave detailed information about the project, that the actor will be seen as the father in his early 40s.

Sanjay Dutt

The film, which is a remake of the 2008 superhit Marathi film “De Dhakka”, it was announced on Dutta’s 57th birthday. “He will play 43 or 44-year-old father. He will play a Punjabi man, but not as a Sardar Sikh. The film has elements of humor, and he’s good at comedy, this makes it the most good,” said Manjrekar.

Dutt and 63-year-old filmmaker previously worked on such films such as “Vaastav”, “Kurukshetra” and “Rakht”.

The creators are now looking for an actress to play the wife of Dutt in the film. “I have the name of some of the brilliant actresses (in mind). We are negotiating with some. For the role of the daughter and son, we are basically going to have new faces,” said Manjrekar.


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