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The word Queen refers to any woman, regardless of wealth, fame, or status; women of any race, color, or faith; women with or without limbs; a Queen of her kingdom, a Queen to her King; her spouse; a Queen is a woman, a Queen is a woman.

No one who uses the term or name Queen is superior or inferior to the name Queen. In my name, a Queen is the same as a woman. Having fame or wealth does not make one a Queen any more than a Queen who has neither renown nor wealth. A Queen should not be referred to as a title, but rather as a collective term for all women. The title of Queen should not be used to confer authority on any other woman.

Unbeknownst to myself, I write and talk in a variety of languages when sleeping. Because I only speak and write in English, waking up to news reports and audio transcripts of the previous night’s events is a miracle. Queen Tiye is how I’m referred to in ‘The Writings.’ The word “Queen” should not be interpreted as a title, but rather as a noun, as in lady Tiye.

The names “woman” and “Queen” are interchangeable. It must not be used or seen to be superior to or superior to the equal position of any other woman. If the term “Queen” is used as a title, the term “woman” should be included as well. In reality, a title that includes the words “lady” or “Queen” has the same meaning.

The source of mankind and all creation did not grant a woman dominion over other women; it was the people of Earth who decided this, using titles and labels to dominate society… all names pertain to the subject matter. Some names are taken out of context, with the name removed from its original context and given a title to show separation, control, and power over others. If the reference is deleted, you’ll just be left with the bare bones of where it all started.

We are all spiritual beings with no attachments, formless Souls who are all connected, neither above nor below one another. Listen to the guru of self from within self, not to the scholars of man on their division of the physical universe.

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