Qualcomm Predicts Boom In Sales Of 5G Smartphones In 2021


Qualcomm is expected to be one of the most active companies in promoting 5G technology in the mobile industry. The company has already introduced the Snapdragon 865 processor, which is likely to find a place in Android flagships in the 2020 market. Currently, there are several devices from leading manufacturers that support 5G networks, but at least for now, their functionality is limited. Only next year will the necessary infrastructure be available in more countries.

5G Smartphone

During this year’s Qualcomm Analyst Day 2019 conference, the company made interesting predictions about future developments in the smartphone market. Qualcomm estimates that between 175 million and 225 million, 5G devices will be sold worldwide next year. This will be just the beginning, as 12 months later, shipments will see an impressive 125% growth, AndroidCentral reports. Thus, sales of 5G smartphones will reach 450 million units.

The impressive growth of technology devices will continue in 2022. Then the supply of smartphones with 5G will cross the 750 million mark. Thanks to the efforts of leading manufacturers, mobile operators, and telecommunications equipment providers, every consumer will be able to benefit from this innovation. The pace at which 5G networks will become an integral part of our daily lives will surpass those of 4G networks when they appeared worldwide almost a decade ago.


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