Purple Color Psychology And Personality Meaning


Purple is a beautiful color and created from two beautiful colors: blue and red. Purple is often associated with luxury, power, wisdom, creativity and magic. When you look at purple color psychologically, it is a color that balances red and blue. Red tends to give color intensity and energy, while blue brings calm and stability, together they form a brilliant purple color, which is the perfect balance of the two.

Purple Color Psychology

Like other colors, there are different shades of purple, and they all can have different meanings. Light purple has feminine energy, bright purple is associated with wealth and royal power, and dark purple can be associated with sadness and powerlessness.

What Does it Mean to Wear Purple or Violet?

Wearing a purple or violet color probably speaks of an inner-minded person, and self-satisfaction prevails. They are not too interested in what others think when it comes to clothing or fashion. Inward thinkers tend to be, are more independent people with a greater need to control their lives and destinies. It can also suggest the need for individuality and express that personality.

Wearing a violet color may indicate that someone wants to stand out, perhaps attract attention. Wearing purple would mean a more reserved person with a desire to express themselves.

Your Personality if Purple / Violet is Your Favorite Color


  • It’s hard to accept ideas or beliefs that are different from your own.
  • You spend a lot of time in your head thinking, living in your own fantasy world, not paying attention to details or time, and often being late.
  • You have high expectations for yourself and others, but this can lead to critical thinking if people do not live up to your expectations.
  • You love luxury and strive for the best.
  • You like to be independent and do not want to ask for help. Sometimes your pride can get out of hand, it’s hard for you to admit when you made a mistake.
  • You have idealistic world views that are not always very practical.
  • You are very spiritual and perhaps consider yourself a psychic.
  • Because of your sensitive nature, your feelings can easily suffer, but you are often proud that you cannot show it.

Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the vibrant energy of red. The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power and ambition. Purple also represents the meanings of wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence and magic.

Purple is a rare color in nature and as a result is often considered sacred. Lavender, orchid, lilac and violet flowers are considered delicate and valuable.

Purple Image

The color purple has various effects on the mind and body, including improving mood, calming the mind and nerves, strengthening the sacred, creating a sense of spirituality, enhancing the nutrition of inclinations and sensitivity, as well as stimulating the imagination and creativity.

Purple is not common in nature, sometimes it can look exotic or artificial. For this reason, it is quite polarized in color. People usually either love purple or hate it. Purple is sometimes seen as exotic


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