Get 5 Interesting Facts About Oxygen, It’s In Space Also


Oxygen – Everyone knows this one substance. Since in elementary school we have been taught that living things need oxygen to breathe. Even while you are reading this article, your lungs are working to breathe oxygen to be circulated throughout the body for your survival.

But do you know that oxygen can also be dangerous and even deadly for us? Below are the 5 facts are summarized so that you can get to know this vital substance more.



1. Oxygen Can Have Color

What is the color of oxygen? Look into the air around you and you will answer that oxygen is colorless. But actually it’s not always the case. Oxygen around us is colorless because it is in the form of gas. But in other forms, oxygen has color.

If it is cooled to a temperature of minus 183 degrees Celsius, oxygen will change into a liquid form, and that’s when the original color will appear, which is sky blue. Then if the temperature is lowered and the air pressure is enlarged, the color will change from orange, red, black, even the color resembles metal.

2. The Amount is Very Much in the Universe

Oxygen Bubble

Because oxygen is produced by green plants through photosynthesis, maybe you think oxygen is only found on earth. But it’s actually not like that. Oxygen is also found in space. Even oxygen is the third most abundant substance in the entire universe!

That is because oxygen is also produced from the process of burning carbon and helium which occurs in stars measuring 5 times larger than the sun. There are millions of stars like that in the universe, so don’t be surprised if actually there is a lot of oxygen in space.

3. Too Much Oxygen is Fatal For Us

Oxygen Image

Oxygen is beneficial to humans, but all good things can be bad if too much. So is oxygen. The air around us only contains about 21 percent oxygen, and that is the right level. Humans also can tolerate up to 23.5 percent of oxygen, but more than that can be dangerous.

Some effects can be caused from too much oxygen such as dizziness, breathing problems, muscle spasms, and blurred vision. If oxygen levels are too extreme even up to 100 percent, the effect can make heart failure and eventually death.

4. Not All Living Things Need Oxygen

Oxygen O2 Molecule

Oxygen is vital for life. Even green plants that produce oxygen don’t need oxygen, because at night they breathe oxygen like humans and animals. But apparently not all living things need oxygen.

Living things that do not need oxygen to breathe are called anaerobic organisms. They metabolize with other substances. Examples are bacteria that live in muddy environments that breathe using sulfate ions. Another example of anaerobic organisms is the Escherichia coli bacteria that lives in the large intestine of humans.

5. Oxygen Dissolves in Water, But the Level Depends on The Temperature

Oxygen O2

For those of you who like to keep fish or other aquatic animals, it’s important to know this fact. The oxygen level in the water is affected by the temperature. The colder the water, the more oxygen is contained in it.

Generally the oxygen level that is considered good for aquatic animals ranges from 5-10 ppm ( parts per million ). But of course every aquatic animal needs different oxygen levels, depending on their native habitat. So if you want to take care of aquatic animals, make sure you set the right water temperature so they can live healthy.

So that’s the 5 facts about oxygen that you need to know. It turns out that everyday substances around us save a number of unique facts. Indeed, the nature around us is very extraordinary and interesting to learn!


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