How Do Stadia Pro Games Work?

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Stadia Pro members get free games every single month to make the subscription a little sweeter. … The one caveat is that you need to keep your Pro subscription active if you want to play those games. Should it ever lapse you lose access. How does a Stadia work? Google Stadia works by allowing you to stream games without a console or gaming PC. You can play Stadia on a variety of devices including...

What Is Google Stadia, Game “Streaming” Service That Doesn’t Need A Console?

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Google finally confirmed some details of its cloud gaming platform. Stadia will be capable of playing games for AAA titles or smartphone or smart TV with reliable Internet access. Here’s what we have everything about Google Stadia: A subscription to Stadia Pro will cost $10 per month and will include several free games. Subscribing to Stadia Base plan will be launch in 2020 and will not include...