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What Is Facebook? All Facebook Features Explained

Why Users Like Facebook
Facebook is a social networking site where users can post comments, share photos, exchange links to news or other interesting information on the internet, and chat live and view short-form videos. Shared material can be made public, shared just with a small group of friends or relatives, or shared only with a single individual. How Facebook Began Facebook originated as a Harvard University-based...

Khaby Lame Unhappy Hands Expression Goes Viral On TikTok And Instagram

Khaby Lame
The 21-year-old Italian content producer has 63 million TikTok followers and over 18 million Instagram followers. We can all credit the internet for keeping us amused through the pandemic. For netizens, getting the correct number of memes dose every day has become a must. And if you’re a regular social media user, you’ve almost certainly seen Khaby Lame’s amusing videos. The 21-year-old...