Fatehveer Singh, 2-year-old Boy Pulled From Borewell, Declared Dead

Fatehveer Singh 2 Years Boy
Sangrur: A two-year-old boy Fatehveer Singh, who was stuck at a depth of 150-feet deep borewell in Punjab for almost 109 hours, was declared dead after being pulled out out of a borewell this morning. Last Thursday, Fatehveer Singh fell into an unused borewell in the village of Bhagwanpura in the Sangrur district at about 4 pm when he was playing near his house. The seven-inch wide borewell was covered...

Punjab: Massive Operation On To Rescue 2-year-old Fatehveer Singh From Borewell

Fatehveer Singh
Sangrur: Despite the ongoing mass rescue operation to search for two-year-old Fatehveer Singh, who fell 150 foot-deep borewell into the agricultural fields near his house on Sunam-Sheron Road, the rescuers have not yet reached the boy. The National Disaster Assistance Service (NDRF) team dug the ground around the vault to a depth of 60 feet, and the digging was stopped because further digging threatened...