Evan Spiegel


Snapchat’s App Ratings Drop To One Star On App Store

It was not a good Sunday for Snapchat, just one day after the news that the company allegedly CEO Evan Spiegel showed a lack of interest in expanding the business of social app’s in “poor countries” like India and Spain. Now, the company is facing backlash in the form of a Snapchat rating of the app lowered to a “one star” in the recent comments left by users on the Google’s...

Snapchat CEO ‘Evan Spiegel’ Said ‘India’ Is Too Poor To Invest

Evan Spiegel
While the Indians are increasingly downloading Snapchat on their smartphones, the company’s CEO believes that India is “too poor” to seriously consider expanding its user base. According to Variety, the comment was made by Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, allegedly during the meeting, to discuss the development of the user base in 2015. When the employee is concerned about the slow growth...