What Does An Ambulance Do When Someone Dies?

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Lights are cut off when not medically necesary. When transporting a dead patient, the ambulance lights are turned off completely. Why do ambulances turn off their sirens when someone dies? In the ambulance, the patient may recover and regain consciousness. This changes the state of the medical case from “emergency” to “non-urgent” classification. Speed is no longer a critical factor. The medics...

What Happens After Escanor Dies?

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Escanor continued to burn into ash after the combat was ended, as his body felt the effects of this talent. Escanor said his final goodbyes to the Sins, and in the process confessed his love for Merlin. His body entirely burnt away after that. 12 Does Escanor come back to life? No. He is literally burnt into ashes. There’s no way to revive him . Why did they kill off Escanor? After defeating the...