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19 Dhinchak Pooja’s “Dilon Ka Shooter” Memes Which Has Again Gone Viral On Social Media

Dhinchak Pooja Dilon Ka Shooter Meme 2
Dhinchak Pooja is back with another one line lyric song “Dilon Ka Shooter” where she is seen riding her red color Vespa scooter in the song. She released this song on June 25, 2017, on YouTube and the song received 2.6 million+ hits in 2 days and it is increasing day by day like a viral. Previously she sung 3 hit songs ‘Swag Vali Topi’, ‘Daaru’, and ‘Selfie...

24 Dhinchak Pooja – Selfie Maine Leli Aaj Meme That You Can’t Miss

Dhinchak Pooja
Check out the below craziest trending Dhinchak Pooja – Selfie Maine Leli Aaj, troll, funny pictures, jokes, humorous collection which will surely make your day instantly better. DISCLAIMER: This is a collection of humor images shared by Internet users around the world. The NewsShare.in neither justify nor support any of the views in this article here. The subject is conceived as a satire. Dhinchak...