Coronavirus: What Happens to the Body When We Get Sick

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Here’s how the new virus attacks the cells of our body by damaging the lungs and other organs and how it causes breathing problems. X-rays do not always show the disease. For most patients of COVID-19 starts and ends in the lungs, because, like the flu o coronaviruses is a respiratory diseases. They typically spread through the cough and sneezing of infected people, through the micro drops that...

Coronavirus in Italy, 63,927 Total Cases and 6,077 Deaths.

Coronavirus Italy
In Italy, since the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic, 63,927 people have contracted the Sars-CoV-2 virus (4,789 more people than yesterday for an 8.1% growth). The data were provided by the Civil Protection. Of these, 6,077 died (+601, + 11%) and 7,432 died (408, + 5.8%). Currently there are 50,418 positive subjects: yesterday there were 3780 fewer (the count rises to 63,927 – as mentioned...

Google, Facebook and other Companies will Fight the Fake COVID-19 News

The social constraints imposed by the COVID-19 epidemic have already changed the daily lives of millions of people. Staying at home, avoiding public events, and keeping a distance from other people are just some of the measures we take to fight with the virus. Scientists from around the world are experimenting with various drugs to prevent and treat insidious disease. The very fact that COVID-19 is...