Why Is My Cat Suddenly Peeing On My Bed?

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There are a number of different illnesses and medical problems that can cause cats to have accidents outside the litter box. Some common possibilities would include FIC (feline idiopathic cystitis), bladder stones, urinary tract infections, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, or hyperthyroidism. Do cats pee out of spite? Cats begin urinating outside the box as a response to something that is wrong, either...

What Does Cat Mom Mean?

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JapaneseInkArt created and sold this piece. Noun is an amazing definition shirt that reads Someone who works hard to ensure that her cats have a good life. Like a regular mother, but far cooler. What is a cat mom? But what I didn’t realize was how it felt to be the “Cat Mom”… As the cat mom, you are likely to be the one and only one who truly cares for, feeds, cleans up after, and keeps the...

26 Most Ugly Pets Pictures That Will Have You ROFL

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Pets are the most lovable animals which entertain us everytime and we love them a lot. But when they make some ugly faces, they made us laugh so hard. Today we are sharing some of the most funniest and the ugliest pet pictures which includes dogs, cats, kittens, monkey, rabbit, etc. Pet owners are waiting so long to capture such ugly moments of their pets. Here we go: 1. I feel so sleepy sleepy 2....