Ultimate Car Buying Guide: All Car Features Explained

Car Concept
BHP, Torque, Cylinder Configuration, Kerb-Weight, and Wheelbase are all popular automobile terms that are likely new to you. Even if you are part of the remaining 10%, you are most likely unaware of the significance of these phrases. This is completely valid, because these phrases have no meaning in your life other than while you’re driving. According to statistics, over 71 percent of auto commuters...

What is ADAS ? All ADAS Features Explained

ADAS Vehicle
ADAS detects the environment around the car using sensors such as radar and cameras, and then either gives information to the driver or takes automated action based on what it observes. The word “warning” will almost always appear in the name of an ADAS function that provides information. Introduction Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are systems that assist drivers in their daily...