What Was The Last Dive Bomber?

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The aircraft remains airworthy and is only one of a handful of A-24B/SBD-5s flying today out of a total of 3,640 built (USN 2,965; USAAF 675). What are dive bombers used for? Dive bomber, in early military aircraft, a plane that was designed to dive directly at a target, release bombs at low altitude, level off abruptly, and depart. The tactic dated from an experimental Allied sortie in World War I. What...

Bomber Leather Jacket Is Versatile Clothing For Your Wardrobe

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Bomber Leather Jacket known for its classic design and probably one of the most popular jackets around this season. Loved by both men and women, this specific design has been around for quite a long period of time. But its existence in the fashion industry has only grown and today it can be called one of the greatest of all time style brackets. They are easy going and laid back feel to them making...