New Technology 2020, Discover What Is Coming In A Few Months


Technology is a field of science that is continuously evolving and whose advances tend to generate expectations among consumers of the various products that are in the market. We will talk about the new technology that comes in 2020, update yourself!

It is usual for people to want to acquire the most innovative devices. Still, not everyone is aware of what technological advances can be expected or when they should it come to light.

So that you have a more general idea of the new technology that you will be able to find in 2020. Today we present you with the technological advances that you will be observed in the upcoming few months, and that will surely be giving much to talk about among consumers.

5. 5G Technology

5G Technology

The G means generation, and 5G Technology is expected not only to advance but forever change the way in which a whole generation looks at remote communication, through an innovative network that would increase the speed of data download. This means that you can download movies, videos, and music in just a few seconds. That is, at a much faster speed than you do now. This is excellent news since it would end with one of the most recurring problems of every mobile phone user, which is to stay incommunicado. 5G would significantly extend the battery life of cellular devices.

4. Smog Free Tower

Smog Free Tower

The advance in the fight against environmental pollution is about to win an adept that will be of great value to purify the air we breathe. It is the smog-free tower, an air purifier of 7 meters. It can clean the polluted atmosphere. Also, it can convert pollution into small resin cubes. It is expected to reach in 2021 of cities with high levels of pollution.

3. Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles

Perhaps the dream of having an autonomous vehicle becomes a reality for many people in 2020, although mass production of this type of artifacts has been planned for another five years. Of course, the advances of these vehicles already have a prototype, and for economic reasons. They have not yet gone on the market since not all people have the resources to become an autonomous vehicle.

2. Smart Windows

Smart Windows

Today we have televisions, mirrors, phones, and smartwatches, which indicates that we are in the process of progress. Each of the devices we use in our day to day acquires specific characteristics to simplify our lives.

Now it is time to turn windows into smart windows. These smart windows are expected to generate energy through sunlight, which would reduce the costs of operations in the companies that carry out this system. There are also plans to implement this system in cars.

1. Bionic Hand

Bionic Hand

The BeBionic 3 a bionic hand that is currently available with a price of $30,000, which makes it virtually inaccessible to some people. However, there are plans to reduce this price to make more people enjoy the benefits of this significant scientific and technological advance that allows those who have lost their hands to enjoy and perform almost all the activities they could not do before. It includes riding a bicycle, draw, grab objects, or drive a fantastic car!


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