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The visible elements of an area of land, its landforms, and how they interact with natural and man-made characteristics make up a landscape. Physical elements of geophysically defined landforms such as (ice-capped) mountains, hills, water bodies such as rivers, lakes, ponds, and the sea, living elements of land cover such as indigenous vegetation, human elements such as various forms of land use, buildings, and structures, and transitory elements such as lighting and weather conditions are all included in a landscape. Landscapes express a live synthesis of people and place that is crucial to local and national identity, combining both their physical roots and the cultural overlay of human presence, frequently formed over millennia.

The nature of a landscape contributes to the self-image of the people who live there, as well as a feeling of place that distinguishes one region from another. It provides a vibrant backdrop to people’s lives. Farmland, a landscape park, or the wilderness are all examples of landscape. Landscapes on Earth range from cold polar landscapes to mountainous landscapes, enormous dry desert landscapes, islands, and coastal landscapes, heavily forested or woodland landscapes such as past boreal forests and tropical rainforests, and agricultural landscapes of temperate and tropical areas. Landscape design is the process of changing the visual aspects of a piece of land.

Depending on the context, there are numerous definitions of what comprises a landscape. In general usage, however, a landscape refers to a graphical depiction of an area of countryside, especially within the genre of landscape painting, or to all visible elements of an area of land (typically rural), frequently assessed in terms of aesthetic value. It is considered to have been landscaped when individuals intentionally enhance the visual look of an area of land—by modifying contours and plants, for example—even if the outcome may not be a landscape according to some definitions.

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