Modern Unique Sikh/Punjabi Baby Boy Names With Meanings


Choosing a name for a newborn baby can be both exciting and predominant. The name becomes part of the child’s personality for life. Ideally, the name should have a character that gives its child its own being. There can be as many ways and customs as possible to choose a name like the available name choices. The possibilities may be endless. The most important thing in choosing a name for your child is that you go in for the one you love. In the Sikh community, religion plays an important role in choosing a child’s name. Below are the latest list of unique Sikh/Punjabi baby boy names with it’s meanings:


AadjotDivine Light of God
AaradhEarth’s protector
AgamrasFull of brilliance, light; body strength, the nectar of life
AkalbirImmortal warrior of God
AkalchetOne remembering and always trusting God
AneelpreetCrown of the mind
ArshbirDominion of sky
AshwadeepClean and pure
BalhansLiving in splendour
BalpalFortitude, Patience
BalrasEternally Brave
BaninderBrave Warrior
BhagveerBrave King
BhavditLord's Lamp
BhumnekProtected by the Lord
BimaljotLight of the Brave
BinwantFull of Modesty
BishanjeetVictory for Supreme God
ChanrajOne who sees one God
ChehjotA born king
ChetanveerThe one who fights for the team
ChiragdeepLamp, light
DeepchanWho is the Lord of a team
DeeptejA hero
DharvanjitExalted vision
EkamOneness with God; united, unmatched, supreme spirit
EkjotOne divine light, God is one
EkratVisions of God
FatehbalA brave and wealthy person
FazilnoorThe light of the superior, scholar
GajvirBrave and kind person
GanvinderLighted with compassion
GokpreetVictory of the heart; feet of Gods
GraydeepLover of God
GuneetMeritorious, worthy, talented
GunkarOne who owns many merits
GurbirOne who depicts oneness
HarbirGod’s warrior
HarneetEternal God; beautiful
IkroopDivine Oneness
JagnanA victory of righteousness
JudeepThe master of heavens
KananJungle, forest
LivshanOne who got delivered by the spiritual powers
LivtarUnending love or adoration for God
MajeetOne who is present in the mind
MananveerThe light of the pride
MantajCrown of the mind
MarvinderBrave as the sky; Potential of being a philanthropist
NavnoorLight of happiness
OjasFull of brilliance, light; body strength, the nectar of life
OpraajGod’s Kingdom
PagatClean and pure
PahalThe beginning
PaljotVictorious through strength
PalvinderMoments spent remembering God
PreetbakshThe Brave Devotee Of God
RachandeepSoothing Light
RajanjeetVictory of the Pure
RajbirBrave warrior of the rule; superior
RaminderPure Love
RanavBlessing, faithful, harmonious, appreciative
SabjeetChampion of everything
SachvirSupportive, trustworthy, united in love, devotedly
SanvirYoung-at-heart, encouraging, helpful
ShersonSon of a Lion
SnowpreetFamous, illustrious person; the Exalted
UchitpalProtector of righteousness
UnkarName of God
ValbinderFell in love hard

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