Mobile Pixels DUEX Max Dual Portable Monitor Review


If you frequently work on a laptop and desire the luxury of a second screen without having to utilize a full-size portable monitor, the Mobile Pixels DUEX Max dual portable monitor may be the ideal device for you. If you spend a lot of time away from your home or workplace, for example, or if you simply lack the room for a second monitor, a second screen hooked to your laptop makes perfect sense.

DUEX Max dual portable monitor 2022

DUEX Max Dual Portable Monitor Key Features

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Size and Display: 14.inch, 1080P, Lightweight 1.8lbs, ultra thin
  • Compliant Standards: Plug & Play
  • Compatibility: Mac and windows, Nintendo Switch and Android phone
  • Portable: You can work, study and have fun anywhere
  • USB slot: Two USB Type-C Ports
  • Available in four colors
  • Auto-rotation (use it left or right)
  • Hybrid-signals
  • Blue light filter
  • Portrait mode and Presentation mode

It is packaged in a full-color cardboard box that should stand out in a store. The flat box’s front is obviously designed to promote the goods, while the back goes into further specifics about its features and characteristics.

The display is contained within in a protective bag in the first layer. A moulded plastic tray for all the smaller accessories is located beneath it.

The cable Mobile Pixels includes with the DUEX Max dual portable monitor is approximately 3 feet long, with a combination USB-C and USB-A socket on the end that connects to the host system, and an angled USB-C connection on the end that connects to the display. As there is no HDMI connectivity, the DUEX Max is a pure USB-powered display.

The length and width of DUEX Max have both been reduced by 11 percent and 8 percent, respectively.

DUEX Max is 23 percent lighter and offers real mobility with the strongest materials at just 1.7 pounds. Additionally, it is built specifically to lessen laptop battery drain and is energy-efficient.

Additionally, you receive some sheets of thicker paper to aid in installing the screen, a little pouch containing extra documentation, a wipe to clean the notebook prior to installation, and 12 extra sticky pads.

The DUEX Max is relatively portable for a display of its kind right out of the box. The use of plastic rather than a stronger substance like metal is largely responsible for the 1.7 lb’s modest weight. Being lighter is preferable because your notebook’s hinges will need to withstand that additional weight. Design-wise, Mobile Pixels has stayed true to the DUEX Plus, giving the screen softly lifted edges on both sides, which should make it simpler to hold and slide out.

The inside side of the screen enclosure has four long metal pads. Each of them contains a powerful magnet. In order to position the hinge at the edge of your laptop screen, you should install the screen in the centre of your device and pull it out toward the side along the metal pads.

DUEX Max dual portable monitor revie

There are two USB-C type connectors on the Mobile Pixels DUEX Max, one of which is Thunderbolt. Whichever one you choose, you may use the other to, for instance, pass power to your phone. Direct brightness adjustment and rapid access to the main OSD are provided by three buttons on the rear.

There isn’t much else to observe on the opposite side, when the screen is exposed. Mobile Pixels did not inscribe the screen’s frame with branding like some other manufacturers of portable electronics did.

The DUEX Max dual portable monitor may be easily installed once the magnets are in position. It holds decently. The DUEX Plus is still quite light, but because there are no raised edges on the metal pads, the screen can move a few millimetres.

In Use

There is the main OSD before we start utilising the screen. By clicking the up or down keys, you may instantly change the brightness level. Instead, this whole view appears when you press the centre button. Mobile Pixels offers an uncommon “EyeCareMode” in addition to the standard brightness, contrast, and temperature options we have seen on the majority of other displays of this sort. This only changes the screen’s temperature to be warmer, which lessens the blue light that may be difficult for human eyes.

DUEX Max dual portable monitor

The second type of sensor, the more unusual G-Sensor, can automatically flip the picture on the screen if you rotate it to slide it out the other side or even stand it up in portrait mode.

Given that it is a 14.1-inch 1080p display, you receive a rather standard 156.23 PPI density “panel. The DUEX Max performed admirably, providing sufficient brightness and contrast for casual watching. The DUEX Max performs admirably in most situations, but it shouldn’t be your primary secondary screen if you are producing high-quality photos or videos. The same is true for office work.

The DUEX screen series has the option to turn the screen to face a person in front of you, which might be extremely beneficial in a meeting or presentation, further highlighting the utility in an office or sales work setting.


The list price of the Mobile Pixels DUEX Max is $329.99. The configuration is worth mentioning since it does a good job of blending in with a notebook.

DUEX Max dual portable monitor may potentially use a single cable for both power and data, the decision to exclude an HDMI connector is acceptable. The DUEX Max is really plug and play since Mobile Pixels takes into account the possibility that you could be restricted to USB-A 3.0 ports on your laptop. Although the display itself doesn’t break any new ground, the G-Sensor is a pleasant, practical addition.

Additionally, the ability to utilise it in portrait mode can be advantageous in workplaces with immovable desktops. Because it is portable, you can use it with mobile devices like the Nintendo Switch that can output video. But in that scenario, you’ll also need to locate a different power supply for the second port.

The amount of screen real estate you require will ultimately determine if this kind of gadget meets your demands. Mobile Pixels offers the same 1080p resolution across various screen sizes, including 12.5″ for the DUEX Lite, 13.3″ for the DUEX Plus, and now 14.1″ .


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