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Grey or gray (American English spelling variation) is a hue that is halfway between black and white. Because it may be made of black and white, it is a neutral or achromatic color, which literally means “without color.” It has the appearance of a cloudy sky, ash, and lead.

Grey was first used as a color term in the English language around the year 700. Grey is the most often used spelling in European and Commonwealth English, however gray was still widely used in the United Kingdom until the second part of the twentieth century. Since around 1825, the standard American spelling has been gray, while grey is an acceptable alternative.

Grey is the hue most usually associated with neutrality, uniformity, monotony, uncertainty, old age, apathy, and modesty in Europe and North America, according to polls. Only 1% of those polled said it was their favorite color.
Grey became popular in fashion and art during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Black became the nobility’s favorite hue, especially in Italy, France, and Spain, and grey and white went well with it.

Grey was also commonly employed in the technique of grisaille, which was used to sketch oil paintings. The picture would be constructed in grey and white first, and then the colors would be placed on top with thin translucent glazes. The shade would be provided by the grisaille behind the layers of color, which would be visible through the layers of color. The grisaille was sometimes simply left uncovered, creating the impression of carved stone.

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