Microsoft XCloud Cloud Gaming Service Will Be Publicly Tested In October


Cloud gaming service seems to be a new battlefield for the technology industry. After Google confirmed that it would release Stadia in November, this time it’s Microsoft’s turn to announce its xCloud gaming service.

Microsoft xCloud

According to Mark Skwarski, Senior Product Marketing Manager of Xbox, Microsoft’s xCloud cloud gaming service will be publicly tested starting next October, or one month before Stadia is launched.

He also said, currently the xCloud service has been distributed to data centres in 13 regions around the world. However, he did not specify in any area where it intended.

Also, according to Skwarski, XCloud service has entered the Alpha stage trial. At this stage, only Microsoft employees who have access can test it.

If this stage is completed, a public trial will open in October.

“We have deployed the xCloud project to data centres in 13 different regions around the world. We have also started alpha phase testing. Many employees have access to Project xCloud,” said Skwarski.

According to Phil, xCloud will be a little different from Xbox the streaming game service. He also implies that the future of XCloud is closely related to Project Scarlett.

Project Scarlett is touted as the next generation Xbox which is scheduled to be present in 2020. The latest generation of Xbox is claimed to be able to display images up to 120 fps.

The presence of the XCloud service will be faced directly with PlayStation Now from Sony and cloud streaming Google Stadia. Like other cloud services, xCloud will also require a fast internet connection to provide a stable and maximum game.


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