27 Classy Mercedes S-Class Wallpaper To Give Your Screen Lavish Look


When Mercedes-Benz seeks to make the new S-Class, it’s set itself a simple, if somewhat daunting brief: to make the best car in the world. No half measures. There is no modest ambition.

The performance of the handling and de-emphasised this time – all about comfort, safety, and assistance to the driver. There are two wheelbases, a long one that offers incredible comfort in the rear. The drives include a conventional V6 diesel engine and V8 turbo petrol and hybrids in the four-cylinder diesel and gasoline V6 forms. The body uses a lot of aluminum to keep the weight underneath the last one.


This is not engaging driving. It’s all about astounding calm and flexibility. The diesel V6 is quite capable of solving intelligent and adaptive shock absorbents when needed.

The options include cameras and radars, so your S-Class will follow the car in front and will see the lines on the road, automatically accelerating, braking and even steering.


The dash’s two huge instrumental and display screens on the dashboard are clarity and logic. They are equipped with beautifully worked leather, wood, and metal. Most ergonomics are correct. We can not think about the comfier inside, front or back.

Rear entertainment is very comprehensive, but just a place for the feet. Active suspension of the V8 has an option that uses binocular vision to see bumps on the way and lift each wheel by passing under them. The result is almost a miracle.


All engines are fantastic, but it is unlikely that Mercedes can offer a diesel-electric hybrid that offers more than 60mpg, and even a standard V6 diesel returns 50mpg. The best speed there are S63 V8 or V12 S65 AMG version, or if you want the S-Class, which emits less CO2 than the Toyota Prius, there’s the S500 hybrid.

In short, the Mercedes S-Class has set the standard for luxury and advanced technology for over 40 years – and the latest sixth generation is the best.

Below we have collected the best collection of Mercedes S Class Wallpaper which you can use it on your digital gadgets including smartphone, desktop PC, Mac, tablet, laptop, etc. Click on the wallpaper to view the full size or download.

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper

1. White Mercedes S-Class wallpaper for desktop – 1920×1200

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 2

2. Brown Mercedes S-Class sunset photography desktop wallpaper – 2560×1440

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 3

3. Mercedes S-Class on the road – 2560×1600

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 4

Mercedes-Benz S 350 BlueTec (W 222) 2012, Lack: anthrazitblau metallic, Ausstattung: Leder Exklusiv tiefseeblau/seidenbeige

4. Mercedes S-Class silver charm – 1280×960

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 5

5. White fantastic Mercedes S-Class side view – 2560×1600

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 6

6. Mercedes S-Class side view – 2560×1600

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 7

7. Black Mercedes S-Class – 3840×2160 4k

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 8

8. Mercedes S-Class black and white front view wallpaper – 1920×1080 Full HD

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 9

9. Mercedes S-Class dark brown HD wallpaper – 1920×1080

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 10

2014 Mercedes S-Class

10. Mercedes S-Class HD wallpaper – 1600×1000

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 11

11. Mercedes S-Class front view lights on – 1920×1080

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 12

12. Mercedes S-Class in the city – 2560×1600

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 13

13. Cops chasing Mercedes S-Class gaming wallpaper for desktop – 1280×1024

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 14

14. Brabus Mercedes S-Class – 1024×768

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 15

15. White Mercedes S-Class top view – 1920×1080

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 16

16. Silver Mercedes S-Class top view – 2048×1360

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 17

17. White HD Mercedes S-Class wallpaper for PC – 2560×1440

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 18

18. Mercedes S-Class behind city background – 2560×1600

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 19

19. Mercedes S-Class mega car wallpaper – 1024×768

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 20

20. Mercedes S-Class wallpaper HD – 1920×1200

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 21

21. Mercedes S-Class shining lights front view wallpaper – 1920×1080

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 22

22. Mercedes S-Class cop car look – 1600×1200

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 23

23. Mercedes S-Class best HD wallpaper – 1920×1440

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 24

24. Mercedes S-Class brown rear view – 1024×768

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 25

25. White Mercedes S-Class rear side view – 2560×1440

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 26

26. Mercedes-Benz S 500 4MATIC Coupé Edition 1 (C 217) interior view – 2560×1600

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper 27

Mercedes-Benz S 500 4MATIC Coupé Edition 1 (C 217) 2013, Lack: AMG Alubeam silber, designo, Ausstattung: Leder Exclusiv bengalrot/schwarz, Zierteil Pappel schiefer

27. White Mercedes-Benz S 500 4MATIC Coupé Edition 1 (C 217) open doors interior side view – 2560×1600

Mercedes S Class Wallpaper


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