Krishnadasi: Aryan Kidnapped Will Aaradhya Successful To Find Him!


Love often wears the cloak of safety. Aryan and Aaradhya, who continue to experience severe storms of life are going to be faced with another problem and trying to keep each other safe. Just when Aaradhya going to deliver the goods Pavitra consignment, Aryan reached at the nick of time, when he will deliver the goods.


Aryan has received some information that Aardhya life is in danger, so he made the move. The fate is not in their favor, while Aryan save Aaradhya life, he gets kidnapped by Jairaaj’s thugs. The news that the consignment have not been delivered Pavitra reaching Aaradhya and chills of run down her spine to think about Aryan.

Krishnadasi 2

Aryan, on the other hand is fighting for his life given the fact that Jairaaj won’t spare him any mercy.


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