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“Jeffrey Nero Hardy” is a professional wrestler from the USA, who was born August 31, 1977 in Cameron, North Carolina. He is known in the world of wrestling for his hi-flying aerial stunts and maneuvers. He is considered to be the most flexible and fit throughout the wrestling industry. Most of his flying movements come from the upper rope of the ring. He also sports a funky look, and covers his face with a fluorescent paint that glows in the dark. He also switching hairstyles often change the hair color from time to time. He is known by many nicknames as “The Charismatic Enigma”, “Mysterious Soul”, “Rainbow Black-haired Warrior” and “Jeffro”. He worked with almost every fighter in his field.

Born: 31 August 1977, Cameron, North Carolina, United States
Spouse: Beth Britt (m. 2011)
Children: Ruby Claire Hardy, Nera Quinn Hardy
Music group: PeroxWhy?Gen (Since 2003)
Albums: Plurality of Worlds, Similar Creatures, Spawn of Me – EP

Jeff Hardy has many other interests besides fighting like riding dirt bike. He is also an artist and a poet. Hardy learned to play guitar and drums, and later, in 2003, he created the band “Peroxwhy?gen”, which includes members of the “Burnside 6” band and Shannon Moore. The band recorded several songs, one of which was used for Jeff’s input music in the TNA fight. Rumors that the group developed broke up in 2004, the current group has only two members, Jeff and JR Merrill.

Jeff Hardy made an impressive mark in the history of the world struggle. With a colorful fighting style, he promises to stay in the hearts of people for a long time.

Watch Jeff Hardy TNA Theme Song – Another Me – 2011

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