Is Samsung Assistant Sam Available?


Sam, Samsung’s new Assistant

Here’s the bad news: Polygon’s latest report reveals that Sam is not really an official Samsung AI and is part of a rejected and excluded project. Although the images were created for Samsung, the final product was never incorporated into any type of campaign.

Is Samsung Sam scrapped?

The internet has apparently uncovered a rejected virtual assistant, Sam, for Samsung devices and now everyone has lost their damn minds. … Samsung actually owns Cheil, but it looks like Sam is a project from the past. The renders were taken down from Lightfarm’s official post, but not before the internet fell in love.

Who is the virtual assistant Sam?

Details about Sam, the alleged new Samsung Virtual Assistant

The full name of the AI is said to be Samantha Samsung and comes with a unique art style similar to that of Pixar. A fan took to Twitter and wrote: ” She gives us hope”.

Is Sam a male Samsung?

Sam is said to be a woman with blue eyes, shoulder length brown hair with features that remind us of a Pixar character. We expected the Bixby Assistant to be replaced in the future, however this leak is surprising in more than one way.

Is Samsung AI a girl?

Sam, who one online commenter compared to a Pixar character, is a you woman with blue eyes, medium-length brown hair and rosy cheeks. In the leaked images, she’s pictured holding what appears to be a Samsung smartphone, and has “Samsung Galaxy” emblazoned on her grey polo shirt.

Is Sam from Samsung Korean?

Sam is short for Samantha (not Samsung), a virtual Korean star who has won the hearts of fans all around the world.

Why is Bixby so bad 2020?

Samsung’s big mistake with Bixby was attempting to shoe-horn it into the physical design of the Galaxy S8, S9, and Note 8 via a dedicated Bixby button. This irked plenty of users because the button was too easily activated and too easy to hit by mistake (like when you meant to change the volume).

Why was Bixby discontinued?

Samsung has been pushing lots of extra features to Bixby, its digital assistant, and a direct competitor to Google Assistant. Unfortunately, not many of these features found an audience among Galaxy users, so Samsung has decided to discontinue some of them and focus on those that are truly useful.

Is Bixby worth using?

It’s a powerful tool, and even if you don’t use Bixby much, it’s worth checking out if there’s anything you can automate to save yourself time. It’s also worth noting Bixby Routines is only available on the Galaxy S10 range and later.

What gender is the Samsung virtual assistant?

The name of the character is Samantha, she has been designed as an attractive girl with bright eyes, a perky woman who has been love to stuff to tunes in her Samsung mobile phone, searching and installing for Apps and of course texting and chatting with her friends.

Is Sam a guy Samsung virtual assistant?

Sam Says. Judging from the images shared by Lightfarm Studios ahead of their deletion, Sam is a 3D virtual human. The virtual young woman has dark brown hair, blue eyes, and the distinctive look of a Pixar or Dreamworks animated heroine, minus the Samsung logo on her shirt.

What happened to Bixby on my phone?

Bixby Home has been replaced with Samsung Free, but you can still access the Bixby Assistant home screen with the Bixby key or Side key.

Is Bixby better than Siri?

Bixby works well with third-party apps, particularly when searching for results in apps. … Occasionally, Bixby doesn’t respond to voice commands. Siri is faster and more responsive to voice commands and can more easily grasp the context and pull up detailed results for simple requests.

Is Bixby any good 2021?

Bixby is definitely better than the Apple Siri and the Google assistant in the automations with Bixby routines. It is so well integrated with the Samsung phone settings and smart devices along with the third party apps like Google Maps and Spotify which makes it the best assistant available on a smart phone till date.

Which country makes best Samsung phone?

South Korea

That’s also where most of the components that it sources from its sister companies are made. However, its smartphone production factory in South Korea accounts for less than 10 percent of global shipments. The units manufactured here are primarily meant for the company’s local market.

Who is the girl in the Samsung s20 advert?

Tuane Johnston is the slender girl from the galaxy advert.

What does the Samsung girl do?

Samsung Girl is the work of the talented people over at Lightfarm Studios. The company is known for creating realistic CGI images, videos, AR filters, and VR applications.

Who is Samsung’s new assistant?

“Samantha” is an AI virtual assistant that is not an official Samsung product. A design firm named Lightfarm created Samantha with a marketing company owned by Samsung, but the final product was not picked up or incorporated into a Samsung campaign.

What is Samsung Waifu?

Birth of the Samsung Waifu – Samsung’s mascot girl, ‘Sam‘ goes viral. … Particularly in the weeb community, she is being celebrated as a new ‘waifu’ material. She took the internet over a storm, and literally became popular overnight.

What is the point of Bixby?

Bixby is designed to let you carry out a full range of interactions, rather than launching an app, for example, or carrying out a single task. Bixby is contextually aware, meaning that it can recognise the state that the app is in and take the right actions based on your requests, also letting you mix voice or touch.

What cool things can Bixby do?

While Siri or Google Assistant can turn on WiFi or your flashlight, take a look at what Bixby can do.

  • Turn on WiFi, Turn off WiFi.
  • Search for nearby WiFi networks.
  • Disconnect from WiFi network.
  • Turn on Bluetooth.
  • Turn on Blue light filter.
  • Turn on Do Not Disturb.
  • Scan for Bluetooth devices.
  • Go to dual audio.


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