Is Conqueror’s Blade A Virus?


is this game p2w ? There is nothing in Conqueror’s Blade that is hidden behind a paywall. … All units are fully accessible to all players either by grinding the honour for them in the main unit tree or by completing the Unit Challenges for the more recent seasonal units.

Is Conqueror’s blade worth it Reddit?

In short: Yes. It definitely is worth it even in 2021 with a constantly bigger playerbase. A bit longer answer: For sure! Conqyeror’s blade is not p2w at all.

Is Conqueror’s blade single player?

Will Single-Players be able to Play? … As Conqueror’s Blade is an MMO, you will always be on a server with other players. You will be able to play tutorial missions after you create your character and you can queue solo for matchmaking battles.

Why is Conqueror’s blade so laggy?

When your Conqueror’s Blade connection is laggy, it’s usually due to a poor connection between 2 or more points. For example, your computer may be the Sender, and the Conqueror’s Blade server may be your Target, but there could be other mystery hops along the way causing issues.

Who owns Conqueror’s blade?

Conqueror’s Blade is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online real-time tactics game developed by Chinese studio Booming Games, published by in Russia and in Europe and North America and published by Booming Games in South America, MENA (North Africa and Middle East), Asia and Pacific.

What does a premium account do in Conqueror’s blade?

With a Premium Account, you’re on the fastest route to personal advancement with a massive 30% bonus on all in-game experience, from fighting battles to completing quests! Ensure your loyal units keep pace with your Warlords with a 30% increase on in-game battle activities.

How do you get sovereigns in Conqueror’s blade?

Gold Sovereigns are the premier currency of Conqueror’s Blade. They can be purchased in-game (press F6), or from – so long as you are logged in via your Steam account (and… , then enter the amount, the server and the character you wish to transfer the Sovereigns to.

Is Conqueror’s blade free?

Command your armies to secure dominion over a vast open world in Conqueror’s Blade, an all-new, free-to-play tactical action MMO.

How many GB is Conqueror’s blade?

You will need at least 25 GB of free disk space to install Conqueror’s Blade. The cheapest graphics card you can play it on is an AMD Radeon R9 270.

Is Conqueror’s blade on Xbox?

Xbox One. Lead your armies in the conquest of a persistent open world in this spectacular free-to-play multiplayer game of action and tactics, one that seamlessly combines visceral medieval combat with immersive tactical command over the men and machinery of war.

How long does it take to get sovereigns in Conqueror’s blade?

Select your required amount, choose the correct server and character you wish to receive the Sovereigns, and your account balance will be topped up (this may take up to 15 minutes to become available in-game).

How do you activate Conqueror’s blade in battle pass?

How the Battle Pass works

  1. You can track your Seasonal progress via a new interface that becomes accessible when you reach level 10 and can be opened by pressing F5. …
  2. Conquest Tokens (CTs) are specific to Seasons and form a large part of the potential awards that come from attaining a new Tier.

How do you transfer items in Conqueror’s blade?

How do I transfer an item to my character in Conqueror’s Blade? Select the item(s) you wish to transfer, choose the correct server, and then select the character you would like to receive the item(s). When you’re ready, click ‘Transfer’. Items may take some time to appear in-game once sent.

Is conquerors blade open world?


Conqueror’s Blade does not only consist of battles. It’s also a big open world, full of mysteries, treasures, and dangers. As soon as you’re out of the tutorial location, you will be offered the choice of the four uniquely styled starting regions, each featuring a resource of its own.

How grindy is Conqueror’s blade?

“Conqueror’s Blade” is pretty grindy. It will take you a long time to unlock everything, especially if you’re playing for free, but each season adds more content to the game. … If this kind of game appeals to you, give it a whirl and download it.

How do you get silver coins in Conqueror’s blade?

How can I earn them in-game?

  1. Matched battles and open world battles have a chance to reward the victors with a small quantity of Silver.
  2. You can earn Silver Coins by selling items and resources you have gathered, found, won, or crafted in the Market for other players to purchase.

Where are my sovereigns?

Log into the game with the selected character and you will see the transferred Sovereigns on the Store screen (F6). A character’s individual Sovereign balance is also displayed to the right of the character screen (P). You can now spend your Sovereigns in-game!.

What is the meaning of a conqueror?

: one who conquers : one who wins a country in war, subdues or subjugates a people, or overcomes an adversary The year 1570 brought yet another conqueror, the Ottoman Empire.—

Can you play Conqueror’s blade on Xbox 1?

Prime yourself for all-out war and the genesis of your new empire with Conqueror’s Blade – Conqueror’s Edition!

Does Conqueror’s blade have a campaign?

Season VI Campaign and Ranked Battle Rewards – Conqueror’s Blade | Play for Free.


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