IOS 13 Launches, These 11 New Features Include Dark Mode


As predicted, Apple finally released the mobile operating system iOS 13 at the annual developer gathering of the Worldwide Developer Conference 2019, in San Jose, California, USA on June 3, 2019.

iOS 13 is predicted with the biggest iOS updates, because it includes a variety of improvements and new features in it.

So, what are the features? NewsShare has summarized from The Verge, Tuesday (4/6/2019), about 11 new features and improvements brought by iOS 13.

Apple iOS 13

1. Improved Performance

When releasing iOS 12, Apple again emphasized performance improvements on iOS 13. One of them was at the face ID speed that was claimed to be 30 percent faster than before. The application was promised to run twice as fast on iOS 13.

2. Dark Mode

iOS 13 Dark Mode

This is the most anticipated feature of iOS 13. Dark mode is now finally officially introduced and ready for use. All applications made by Apple are supported by dark mode, including notifications and home screen applications.

3. New Swipe Keyboard

So far, Apple has relied on third-party keyboards for iOS. Finally, they released their own keyboard equipped with gesture swipe for typing.

Its function is similar to Swiftkey, Swype, or Gboard keyboards, where users simply swipe to write the message. This feature is referred to as “Quick Path”.

4. Reminders Application

iOS 13 is also carried out for the Reminders application. The application now has the tab “Today”, “Scheduled”, “Flagged”, and “All”, to filter out tasks or agendas that are created by users.

Apple also integrates artificial intelligence (AI) which will suggest when users want to be reminded.

Users can also mark contacts so that later they will be reminded of a specific agenda when opening a message from the contact marked earlier.

5. Updates to Apple Mail, Notes and Safari

Apple Mail also gets updates with the desktop format. Notes also gets updates, which are gallery-like views for all user-generated notes.

6. Apple Maps

Apple Maps has a massive overhaul. Apple said it was rebuilding the application from scratch with an increase in more comprehensive map data and a new mode similar to Google Street View.

This renovation will only be available in certain cities and countries when launched. The new Apple Maps will roll in the US at the end of 2019 and glide internationally in 2020.

7. Privacy

Tim Cook often says how important user privacy is. In iOS 13 , some features are added to increase privacy security.

Users will be able to choose to give location data to the application just once. This is to prevent pinging the location when you use the application.

Apple also provides the “Sign in with Apple” feature, specifically for developers to enter Apple applications and services. So, users will still be able to enter the Face ID application and create a new service account without having to reveal personal information.

The Apple account can also create a personal email address based on each application that will then be forwarded to the user’s main e-mail address. This, according to Apple, is intended so that the application does not send spam to the user’s primary email.

8. iMessage Profile Photos

In iOS 13, iMessage will be more similar to WhatsApp because users can post profile photos and display names. Users can also use Memoji as a profile photo.

Especially for Memoji, Apple added various options to customize Memoji, including enabling Memoji as an iMessage sticker, as Bitmoji can do.

The sticker can also be used as a custom emoji in Apple Mail or a third application like WeChat.

9. New Photo and Video Editing Tools

iOS 13

Some photo editing tools were also added and for the first time, Apple also made editing tools for videos. On iOS 13, users can edit brightness, highlight, shadow, contrast, saturation, white balance, sharpness, vignette, and noise in photos.

For videos, new editing is limited to rotating videos directly from the device. Apple also uses machine learning to delete duplicated photos and other photos that are considered damaged so photo search is easier.

10. Find My

Like rumors circulating before, Apple decided to combine the application “Find My Friends” and “Find My” iPhone into an integrated application called “Find My”. Thus, users only need one application to track lost friends or devices.

This application can also track devices that are offline by sending a safe Bluetooth flare to other Apple devices to send feedback to users. All of this is protected by encryption and will not affect user data, battery power, or privacy.

11. External Media

In iOS 13, the user can finally retrieve files from SD card and USB flash to be imported into the Files application.

iOS 13 will be available starting from iPhone 6S. Preview for developers can be done right after launch. While the beta program will launch this month.


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