26 Indian Flag Images & Wallpapers That Makes Every Indian Proud


The national flag is the flag of India with a horizontal rectangular shape three-color (deep saffron, white and green) and Ashok Chakra with 24 spokes in navy blue in the center.


The rectangular tricolor flag consists of three equal horizontal segments, with upper saffron, white in the middle and green bottom. In the center of the white strip there is an image of Ashok-chakra in navy blue. It is a circular hollow wheel and has 24 spokes radiating the center.

Meaning of Indian Flag

The colors and symbols of the Indian national flag have a profound philosophical meaning. Each color is a special aspect of Indian culture, which deeply resonates in the hearts of citizens. Saffron means sacrifice and renunciation, white means peace, and green means for courage and immortality. Ashok Chakra is the depiction of Dharma Chakra. It has 24 spokes radiating the center. It represents righteousness, justice and progress. A symbol of wheel is a constant movement that heralds progress and repels stagnation.

Title: Tricolour / Tiranga
National flag
Adopted on: 22 July 1947
Colors: Saffron, White and Green; Navy Blue in the Askoka Chakra
Proportion: 3:2
Designed by: Pingali Venkayya
Country: India

1. Indian Flag Independence Day

Indian Flag Independence Day

2. Indian Flag Lehrata Rahega Tiranga Image

Indian Flag Lehrata Hua Image

3. Indian Flag Normal Default Version Higher Resolution

Indian Flag Normal Default Version Higher Resolution

4. Indian Flag Photos

Indian Flag Photos

5. Indian Flag Pic

Indian Flag Pic

6. Indian Flag Picture

Indian Flag Picture

7. Indian Flag Proud to be an Indian – Bharat Mata Ki Jai

Indian Flag Proud to be an Indian

8. Indian Flag 26 January Republic Day

Indian Flag Republic Day

9. Indian Flag Silk Fabric

Indian Flag Silk Fabric

10. Indian Flag Tiranga

Indian Flag Tiranga

11. Indian Flag Vande Mataram

Indian Flag Vande Mataram

12. Indian Flag Wallpaper [Dharti Mata ki Jai]

Indian Flag Wallpaper

13. Indian Flag Wallpaper

Indian Flag Wallpaper

14. Indian Flag

Indian Flag

15. Kids Holding Indian Flag Proud Moment

Kids Holding Indian Flag Proud Moment

16. Indian Flag Art Image

Indian Flag Art Image

17. Indian Flag Background Wallpaper

Indian Flag Background Wallpaper

18. Indian Flag Beautiful Art

Indian Flag Beautiful Art

19. Indian Flag Bharat Mata ki Jay Image

Indian Flag Bharat Mata ki Jay Image

20. Indian Flag Eye of Girl

Indian Flag Eye

21. Indian Flag Face Paint

Indian Flag Face Paint

22. Indian Flag Grunge Texture Photo

Indian Flag Grunge Texture Photo

23. Indian Flag Hand

Indian Flag Hand

24. Indian Flag HD Image – Tiranga Jhanda

Indian Flag HD Image

25. Indian Flag HD Wallpaper – The Tricolour Flag

Indian Flag HD Wallpaper

26. Indian Flag Image

Indian Flag Image


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