How Much Do Secret Shoppers Make?


Mystery shoppers do not typically get paid upfront. Usually, you will have to pay for the item, and then the company will reimburse you after you leave your mystery shopping review.

How much do Walmart secret shoppers make?

Walmart Secret Shoppers earn $12,000 annually, or $6 per hour, which is 83% lower than the national average for all Secret Shoppers at $29,000 annually and 138% lower than the national salary average for ​all working Americans.

Is being a mystery shopper worth it?

Better customer service, higher quality products, and improved customer experiences are beneficial to everybody that spends money in America. Mystery Shopping helps you become a part of this beneficial process because companies look to mystery shoppers to improve these areas.

What are the disadvantages of a mystery shopper?

There are also cons in mystery shopping. Insufficient data: A reliable checklist, which the secret shopper can depend on, can provide directions to observe or to look out for. Personal bias: With the biases, mystery shopper can be influenced by circumstances of the day.

How do secret shoppers work?

A mystery shopper is a paid consumer who is hired to shop in stores and collect data. Think of mystery shoppers as “undercover customers” sent in to observe, interact, and report on other customers and store employees. Mystery shoppers are typically employed by a third-party rather than the store or company itself.

How do you spot a mystery shopper?

Here are seven ways to tell if you aren’t actually selling — you’re being shopped.

  1. They’re taking photos. …
  2. Keeping a list. …
  3. Asks too many questions. …
  4. Reluctant or slow to answer questions. …
  5. Asks about your competitors. …
  6. They check out the bathroom. …
  7. They track the time.

Can secret shoppers record you?

Hidden video mystery shopping and telephone mystery shopping are legal in most U.S. states, thanks to one-party consent laws for video and phone recording. If you’re looking for customer experience research in one of the two-party consent states below, you may want to consider other options for strategic results.

What questions do secret shoppers ask?

Consider how mystery shopping is supposed to work.

Employee Behavior Questions

  • When you entered the store, did an associate acknowledge you within 30 seconds?
  • Approximately how many other customers were in the store while you were shopping?
  • When you were greeted, what was said?
  • Did the associate/team member smile?

Can mystery shoppers record you?

As it happens, the position in employment law is fairly clear. It is unlawful to record employees secretly. Staff must be told that they may be recorded if this is going to be the case. … Putting ethics and morals (and the law) aside, Video Mystery Shopping carries a higher risk of damaging trust and staff morale.

What qualities should a mystery shopper have?

To become a Mystery Shopper, you will need:

  • excellent communication skills.
  • an eye for fashion and styling if that is an area you wish to work in.
  • a positive outlook.
  • an enthusiastic, confident and friendly manner.
  • the stamina to spend a long time standing and walking around.
  • a smart appearance.
  • excellent written skills.

Is Walmart secret shopper legit?

Mystery Shopper. Mystery shopping, sometimes referred to as secret shopping, is where an individual is hired to “act” like a customer, and evaluate services at a business. Walmart does NOT utilize these services or hire associates to perform services on behalf of other retailers or companies.

Why do companies still use mystery shoppers?

Mystery shoppers give an unbiased customer response to their experience. The information they provide to the company can then be used to help the company improve what it does in the future. … If a company deals directly with customers or clients, mystery shoppers can help to give insight as to how to improve.

How do you become an Asda mystery shopper?

Become an ASDA Mystery Shopper!

  1. Apply to test. Click the ‘SIGN UP FOR FREE’ button and enter your details.
  2. Complete Questionnaire. Work your way through the offers based Questionnaire in full to complete your registration.
  3. Receive Free Product. If selected as our reviewer, we’ll confirm via email.

What happens if you cash a fake check without knowing it?

If you deposit a fake check, it can take weeks before the bank realizes that it’s counterfeit. … Once the check is returned unpaid, the check will bounce — meaning it can’t be cashed — even if you didn’t know that the check was bad. And you’ll likely be responsible for repaying the bank the amount of the faked check.

How do you know if secret shopper is legit?

If you’re looking for legitimate mystery shopping jobs, check out the Mystery Shopping Providers Association for a database of authentic companies. But if you spot any scams, report them to the FTC at and your state attorney general’s office.

Can you get scammed on Walmart?

Walmart is aware that some hackers will attempt phishing scams using the company’s name. … “If you received an order confirmation email from Walmart but you did not place an order, it may be a phishing scam attempting to gather information, or in some cases, spread malware,” Walmart warns on its website.

What makes a good shopper?

Those people who are detail oriented, enjoy shopping, are timely, flexible, organized and can be objective are the kinds of people who make great mystery shoppers and do well in the industry over time.

What does a mystery shopper look for?

Mystery shopping jobs typically include:

Details of things to watch out for and to take a mental note of (e.g. cleanliness, lighting, if you were greeted as you walked in) When you should have your written report submitted by.

How do you deal with mystery shoppers?

20 ways to beat Mystery Shopper

  1. First impressions count. …
  2. Meet and greet. …
  3. Don’t keep Mystery Shopper waiting. …
  4. Make her feel at home. …
  5. Cover all aspects of Mystery Shopper’s request. …
  6. Demonstrate your knowledge. …
  7. Use the selling tools to the best of your ability. …
  8. Make the consultation feel like a conversation.

Is Secret shopping unethical?

There are three obvious ethical critiques of the secret shopper method of evaluation: (1) secret shoppers take time and resources away from real patients; (2) the secret shopper method introduces deceit into the trusting patient-doctor relationship; and (3) the method violates the privacy of the physician’s office.

How often do mystery shoppers come?

Some may send out 3-4 available jobs each week, while others only have a job come up every other month. You should apply to multiple companies to have access to more jobs.

Why do we have secret shoppers?

Mystery shoppers are often used to assess customer service. By reporting on their interactions with employees, mystery shoppers can inform business owners of processes, behaviors or employees who made their consumer experience positive or negative.

Do secret shoppers work on weekends?

After working Monday through Friday, it may seem like a major commitment to go back out for some secret shopping on Saturdays and Sunday. But it can be worth it. The weekends are generally when stores are at their busiest, meaning it is the ideal time to see if customer service and support are up to snuff.


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