How Long Will A Flocked Tree Last?


Flocking is pretty, but it’s mildly toxic to pets if consumed. Falling trees: Cat and dog owners should anchor their real or faux tree to the ceiling to prevent their pets from knocking it over.

Can you put flocking on a real tree?

You can flock real trees, fake trees, pre-lit trees, wreaths, garlands, pretty much anything. … Scoop up some of the flocking powder into your strainer and sift it onto the damp tree from above. Then spray the flocked section of the tree with water again.

Does flocking a tree make it last longer?

If you want a real Christmas tree indoors for a longer length of time, consider a flocked Christmas tree which is sprayed with a fire retardant and will last longer.

Do flocked Christmas trees need to be watered?

Although flocked trees do not require a water source, water will further preserve your tree. … Tree stand: Trees under 8′ are prepared in wire stands (however to extend the life of your flocked tree, we recommend using a water stand).

Is flocking powder toxic?

The spray-on artificial snow products are called snow spray, flocking snow, or holiday snow. … Like all aerosols, they should not be sprayed in an area with poor air flow, in a small, closed space, or near flames. Inhalation of methylene chloride can cause toxicity depending on the severity of the exposure.

Can you flock a tree with spray snow?

After I flock my tree and let it dry, I use the spray snow and spray some areas to thicken it up and create the look of a heavy layer of snow. I have used about 5 cans of snow spray on my current tree and love the look! You can also flock wreaths, garlands, or any other branches!

Can you have a flocked tree with cats?

The safest and my most highly recommended Christmas trees to have around cats are artificial trees with no flocking. Flocking contains chemicals toxic to pets and I personally just stay away from it in general. … 2) They shed pine needles which can be quite dangerous to your cat if ingested.

What is tree flocking made out of?

The material is simply a paper pulp that comes out of Minnesota. The paper pulp is bleached and it’s mixed with a glue material and a fire retardant and it’s all mixed up and it blows onto the tree wet and when it drys, it’s hard and crunchy and it looks like snow.

Is Christmas tree flocking flammable?

When making and applying Christmas tree flocking at home, people should never use flammable materials and always keep the mixture away from children and pets. Though most mixtures aren’t poisonous, they can cause intestinal obstructions if eaten, and can irritate the respiratory tract if inhaled.

Do flocked Christmas trees turn yellow?

Tree flocking on artificial trees can yellow over time. Storing the tree in a cool, dry place with low humidity can help to slow or prevent discoloration. … Use low-heat Christmas lights, since high-heat ones might melt the flocking and possibly cause a fire.

How do you store a flocked tree?

Store your tree away from direct sunlight in a temperature between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. White, frosted and flocked trees are especially sensitive to temperature and humidity. Store them in a dry area that remains a consistent temperature year-round, such as a finished basement.

How do you store fake flocked trees?

How to Store Your Fake Christmas Tree

  1. Fold It Up Carefully. Before you can store your fake Christmas tree in its box, you’ll want to fold it up properly. …
  2. Wrap the Tree. After folding up your tree, you won’t just want to go and shove it back in its box. …
  3. Put the Tree in a Box. …
  4. Place the Tree Box Mindfully.

How do you make flocking powder with cornstarch?

Flocking recipe: 2 bottles Elmer’s Glue All, 1 cup blue shaving gel (makes it bright white), 2 Tablespoons corn starch. Mix with mixer for about five minutes. Apply with hands!

What is snow flocking?

wassailing?), one of the oddest has to be spraying down small trees with a mixture of adhesive and cellulose fibers to satisfy our longing for a white Christmas. That’s what’s happening when you adorn a tree with artificial snow, otherwise known as flocking.

How do you make Christmas tree flocking powder?

All you need to make snowy flocking is ivory soap bars, liquid starch and hot water and vanilla. I made 4 batches total. 2/3 c liquid starch 2 cups of Ivory Soap bars grated 1/4 cup hot water 1 tablespoon vanilla I had the kiddies grate the bars of ivory soap.

How do you stop a flocked tree from shedding?

You can spray the tree with hairspray to keep the flocking from shedding.

Is spray snow toxic to cats?

Artificial snow, which can come in spray and solid forms is another substance which is toxic to cats if ingested and should be avoided. … Cats can be attracted to it because it tastes very sweet. However, once swallowed it can cause severe kidney damage and can even be fatal.

Is snow flocking safe for pets?

Flocking (the artificial snow that is sometimes put on live trees) can be harmful to your dog if consumed, so if you decide to have a live Christmas tree, select one that does not have “snow” already on it.

Can you clean a flocked Christmas tree?

Lay down a plastic drop cloth, tablecloth, or several cut-open trash bags under the tree so you can more easily clean up all of the flocking that falls on the ground. Use the upholstery brush attachment on a vacuum hose to remove the flocking.


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