How Did King Approach The Hermit?


Answer : 1. The Hermit was digging the ground when the king reached there.

How answered What do you mean asked the Tsar narration change?

ans:-The tsar asked how it had answered.

How was the physical condition of the hermit?

Answer: The physical condition of the hermit was frail and weak and each time he stuck his spade into the ground, he breathed heavily.

Why did the hermit breath heavily?

Answer:The hermit was digging the ground in front of his hut. The hermit greeted me. However, he continued digging. Being old and weak, he was breathing heavily.

What are the three hermit questions?

The hermit lived in forest which he never left. he was a very wise . he was kind and helpful . he helped the injured man in trouble and satisfied the king with his answers his answers were related to the practical situations in life.

What is the voice change of you have already been answered?

ANSWER: Someone has already answered you. EXPLANATION: Active voice: The ‘subject’ performs the ‘action’ stated by the ‘verb’.

Who said you have already been answered?

The hermit said this to the Tsar in the story “Three Questions”. The Tsar requested the hermit to answer his questions several times but the hermit believed that experience is the best teacher. So, the Tsar was answered by his real-life experiences.

When the Tsar approached the hermit was digging the ground simple?

When he approached the hermit’s hut, the hermit was digging the earth in front of his hut. The Tsar, requested him to answer his questions while helping the hermit to dig but the hermit did not oblige and continued with his work.

Who is the most important person according to the hermit?

Who according to the hermit is the most important person? Ans. According to the hermit, the most important person is the one with whom we are interacting at present.

What is the most occupation according to the hermit?

Answer: doing good to others is the correct answer.

What according to the hermit is the most important time?

Answer: The most important time, the hermit said, is our present because it is the only moment when we have the power to act.

Why did King fall asleep in hermit threshold?

The king sleeps on the hermit’s threshold because he is exhausted from the day’s work. It symbolizes his willingness to humble himself enough to learn the lessons that the hermit is teaching him and to face the issue that is directly in front of him.

What lesson did the king learn from the hermit?

The King learnt an important lesson from the Hermit that every answer to a question is within an individual himself. Explanation: By doing various things with the hermit-like helping injured people etc the King came to know about self-realization.

Why did the king go to the hermit?

The king chose the particular hermit because he lived in a wood which he never left, saw no one but simple people and presumably had no desires such as those which the others had possessed. … He did not want to intimidate the man by going with his retinue of followers so he went alone.

How did the hermit elaborate his own statement you have already been answered?

Firstly , he said that the most important time is the present time digging the seed beds and so escaped death. Secondly , the hermit said that the most important person is the one you are with. This is also valid because the tsar treated the wounded man with kindness and as a result turned an enemy into a friend.

Why did the hermit not answer the King immediately?

Explanation: The hermit didn’t answer the king’s questions immediately as he wanted the king to experience his(hermit) answer instead of learning it theoretically by listening to it. Also, this helped the king understand the answer given by the hermit much more clearly.

How has the Tsar already been answered?

How has the Tsar been already answered? enemy had he not been engaged in digging at that time. In reply to his second question the hermit said that doing good to the hermit was his most important business. The most important time was when he was attending the wounded man.

What makes a tyrant assertive sentence?

Answer: He is a great tyrant. Explanation: When we change into assertive sentence, it means someone is declaring about a fact of other person who is a great tyrant or dictator.

Has anyone from our team answered your question active/passive voice?

Has your question been answered? The sentence is an interrogative sentence and started with has. The passive voice will be also started with has.

Who did the hermit look?

Answer: Answer: When the king and the hermit saw the large wound on the man’s stomach, the king washed and covered it with his handkerchief. Since the blood did not stop flowing, he re-dressed the wound until it stopped bleeding. … This is how they helped the wounded man.

Where do hermits live?

Hermits like living solo, alone in the woods, up in a mountain, or sometimes they live in a city without hardly ever leaving their apartment. The root of the word is the Greek erēmos, meaning “solitary.” A life of solitude isn’t for everyone, but a hermit chooses it for any number of reasons.

Why did the hermit spit on his own hand?

The Hermit spat on his hand as he was digging.

The king wanted to know three things- the best time to start a plan, the right person to consult and the most important thing to do for him. This was the time, when Hermit was digging. He heard the king but gave no answer. He spat on his hands and continued digging.


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