Google’s Mixed Reality Headset To Launch Soon


Google Mixed Reality Headset

The Google is reportedly working on a mixed reality headset on the lines of Microsoft’s HoloLens, in contrast to the Oculus Rift. Version of Google Glass is no longer available to customers, but it is available to corporations for use in some applications.

The headset will have its own dedicated screen it was built in. Computer or mobile phone, is not necessary to operate the headphones. The focus will be given more augmented reality content, in against to the gaming, which is a type of experience offered by most specialized virtual reality headsets today. The release date is not yet announced yet, but it’s a big part of the future plans for Google, said in a report on Engadget.

Earlier this year, Google spun off a virtual division in the company, headed by Clay Bavor. Google released a pointer to interact with virtual reality and augmented reality applications. Huawei will launch the first Android smartphone to support Daydream. Google has shipped more than five million cardboard headset, which is a cheap way for new users to experience a taste of virtual reality.


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