Google CEO Sundar Pichai: People Using Free Wi-Fi At Indian Railway Stations


NEW DELHI: Almost two million Indians use a high speed and Wi-Fi service at 23 railway stations across the country, that Google is provided as part of the project, the technology giant revealed on Friday.

Indian Railway Stations

Speaking during Google-owned multinational conglomerate Alphabet’s 2016 second quarter earnings call, India-born CEO Sunder Pichai said that Google is with Indian Railways and RailTel to bring high-speed wireless access to millions of people who use railway stations.

“There are two million people who come in every month. They use as much as 15 times more data that would otherwise be used on its mobile network in the whole day.” Pichai said.

Owned by Indian Railways, Railtel focuses on providing broadband access and virtual private network (VPN) services.

Last month, at the opening of Wi-Fi World Day for the Wireless Broadband Alliance, which aims to create a platform to help bridge the digital divide, the Google celebrated the success of its project with Railtel, to provide high-speed Wi-Fi on the road iron stations across India.

Company network was launched initially in four of the largest stations in India – Sealdah, Lucknow Junction, Lucknow City and Gorakhpur Junction.


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