Gmail Changes Its Attachment Limit Size From 25MB To 50MB


It’s 2017 and we’re still stuck with mail clients that refuse to accept attachments limit of 25MB. Gmail is changing that. Almost.

Google announced that it would double the size of the email attachment for all Gmail users – going up from 25MB to 50MB. This is a welcome move, and rivals like Outlook have to worry and Yahoo as well.Gmail Logo PNG

In addition, they do not actually have to worry about … yet.

You see, Gmail users can receive e-mail messages with attachments that are larger than 50 MB in size. But they still can not send the message that big. The amount of attachment size is still limited to 25MB, Google said in a blog post.

This is not the primary e-mail client that offers e-mail attachments beyond 25MB. Competing clients such as Outlook, Yahoo that restrict attachments to 20MB and 25MB respectively. Even in Russia, Yandex is allow only 30MB attachments to its users.

So your friends who use Gmail can send only 25 MB worth of holiday pictures – although this may be a blessing, as in this case, thanks to Google!
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