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Garena is a character in the film Garena Free Fire (also known as Free Fire Battlegrounds or just Free Fire) is an Android and iOS battle royale game created by 111 Dots Studio and released by Garena. In 2019, it became the most downloaded smartphone game in the world. The Google Play Store awarded the game the “Best Popular Vote Game” title in 2019 due to its popularity. With over 80 million daily active users worldwide as of May 2020, Free Fire has achieved a new milestone. Free Fire has generated over $1 billion globally as of November 2019.

Garena is presently working on a more advanced version of Free Fire, dubbed Free Fire Max. For the MENA area, the initial pre-registration for Free Fire Max is now open.

Up to 50 people can participate in the game, which involves them parachuting into an island in quest of weapons and supplies with which to murder the other players. Players can pick their starting position, as well as pick weapons and supplies to help them last longer in battle.

Players will board a plane that will fly over the island when they join a game. Players may jump wherever they wish while the plane is flying over the island, allowing them to select a strategic landing spot away from opponents. After landing, the players must search for weapons and other useful objects. The island is littered with medical supplies, medium and big weaponry, grenades, and other objects.

The players’ ultimate aim is to live on the island with a maximum of 50-51 people online; to do so, they must eliminate all opponents they face along the way and ensure that they are the only survivor. The game’s map’s potential safe area shrinks with time, forcing surviving players into closer locations and forcing interactions.

The round is won by the last person or team standing. On Monday, December 7th, 2020, the game received a huge update that included adjustments to the training ground as well as new firearms. On April 14th, 2021, the game released its second big patch update, which included the addition of the new terrain Bermuda. In this version, the game has been permanently remastered and a new in-game weapon, Kord, has been included.

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