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Learning, or the development of information, skills, values, morals, beliefs, and habits, is facilitated by education. Teaching, training, storytelling, conversation, and focused study are all examples of educational practices. Although most education takes place under the supervision of instructors, learners can also educate themselves. Education may occur in both formal and informal settings, and any event that has a formative influence on one’s thoughts, feelings, or actions can be deemed educational. The term pedagogy refers to the teaching approach.

Preschool or kindergarten, primary school, high school, and finally college, university, or apprenticeship are all examples of formal education stages.

There are movements for educational reforms, such as enhancing the quality and efficiency of education in order to make it more relevant to students’ lives and to solve problems more efficiently in present or future society, or for evidence-based teaching techniques. Some states and the United Nations have acknowledged the right to education. Global activities are aimed at accomplishing Sustainable Development Goal 4, which calls for universal access to high-quality education. Most regions require students to attend school until they reach a specific age.

Early childhood education that supports early growth in preparation for school and societal involvement. The programs are aimed towards youngsters under the age of three. This is the first level of ISCED. Preschools educate children from the ages of three to seven, depending on when they begin primary school in their respective countries. The students are now more comfortable interacting with their peers and the teacher. Except in the United States, where the word kindergarten refers to the first stages of primary education, these are also known as nursery schools and kindergarten. Kindergarten “offers a child-centered, preschool curriculum for children aged three to seven years old with the goal of developing the child’s physical, intellectual, and moral natures with a balanced emphasis on each.” This is level 02 of the ISCED.

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