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Editing is the process of choosing and arranging textual, photographic, visual, auditory, or cinematic material for the purpose of conveying a message or information by a person or an entity. Correction, condensation, organization, and a variety of other changes are all part of the editing process, with the goal of generating a proper, consistent, accurate, and full piece of work.

The editing process frequently begins with the author’s concept for the work and continues as a collaborative effort between the author and the editor throughout the creation process. Editing might entail artistic abilities, interpersonal relationships, and a specific set of techniques.

In the publishing industry, there are a variety of editorial jobs. Editorial assistants often report to high-level editorial personnel, whereas directors report to senior executive editors. The development of a product for its ultimate release is the responsibility of senior executive editors. The more these functions overlap, the smaller the publication.

In many newspapers, the top editor is referred to as the chief editor, executive editor, or simply the editor. Editor-at-large or contributing editor is a title given to a frequent and well-regarded contributor to a magazine. Mid-level newspaper editors sometimes supervise or assist in the supervision of sections such as business, sports, and features. The managing editor is generally the position below the head editor in American publications.

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