How To Look Smart And Gentleman In Your First Date


Dating should be fun, but for most people, first dates make them worried, perhaps because they want everything to be perfect. A terrible first date can ruin your chances of creating an excellent relationship with your date, so you want everything to be perfect to have a great start. The first dates can be stressful if you do not know what to do.

How to Prepare Yourself for The First Date?

To make a pleasant first date, you must do your homework and learn some basic information about your date. It would be too uncomfortable if you ask the wrong questions. Concentrate on the date and prepare how to make her feel comfortable on her first date. Some people practice their lines before their first date, and there is nothing wrong with doing the same. Including an emphasis on your date can help you forget her nervousness and eventually become calm.

Be accurate on the first date or call if something came up along, and you can not do it on time. It is important to make her feel that you respect her time and remember to being considerate or respect your date making you more attractive.

What to Wear on the First Date?

The clothes you wear on the first date affect the level of attractiveness. Put a sharp look better at the first date. Most women like to go with someone who dresses well, but that does not mean you have to spend the fortune on a new wardrobe. Put on something impressive, clean and suitable for your date. Wear clothes that attract your best physical characteristics and minimize your attractive features. Of course, having a pleasant first date, you should feel comfortable and confident wearing clothes because you do not want to feel stressed or uncomfortable in clothes during a date.

Experts recommend that a man should stick to dark jeans, long-sleeved light shirt with light stripes or too strong patterns and a tie. For casual appearances, another version of good polo shirts and a sports jacket. Folding in a shirt makes you look clean and representative. Avoid wearing the khaki colors, which makes you look like going to a job than a date. Avoid strong prints and strips if you want to look good and impress the date. The choice of strong colors can be dissipated if you want to highlight, choose the colors that most likely attract women like white, black, gray, blue and green. Colors like blue cobalt and brown can also be attractive. Flashy clothes or accessories do not fit the date because they draw the attention from you.

Of course, do not neglect your hygiene. Pay attention to your shoes, polish your shoes to look clean and wear appropriate socks. Take care of hair, nails and nose hair. If you ever did wear the wrong clothes at your date relax and just be yourself and enjoy the moment with your date.

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