To Become a Successful Person You Must Have Courage to Act


If you don’t develop courage, you will be stuck being ordinary. To be an extraordinary person, one must have courage.

The lion says, maybe I’m not the biggest; Maybe I’m not the smartest; But inside me, there is something that most do not have. This “something” gave me my title, and I act accordingly. I have COURAGE.

And you have this in yourself – the same courage.


To live a full life, you must have courage. Many people have good ideas for their life but do not have the courage to do it. Why do people refuse to act or take action? It is the lack of simple courage. In modern society, most people are concerned about what is safe for them and refuse to practice what they could achieve if they act accordingly. Many people prefer to seek security because of the uncertainty of the outcome. Success carries a certain risk, but you must have the courage to take this risk.

Courage is a medicine for those who want success and is fearful. Fear is a false evidence of what seems to be real. If you let fear take over your consciousness, it will develop bad habits, such as procrastination, anxiety, doubt and perhaps do not want to leave even before you begin. This should not be so; You also have what the character needs to develop to overcome the belief that you are capable.

Remember This: Quitting is not an option.


We are all afraid at some point in our lives, but what many people have done is to act in spite of fear. Some people are afraid to speak publicly and are often categorized as the most feared thing to do.

First, they may fail, but they keep going until it is no longer exist. Fear disappears! To get over from it, you need to face it. Deal with your fears today, and it will disappear forever.

Just as how success is a process, courage is likewise. If not, it will take some time to develop. So if you have a vision of your life, you must have courage.

So, how can you develop courage?

I heard that it’s simple, but a bit hard. It’s true! But to develop courage, you must leave your comfort zone. Courage is an inner matter. In order to develop courage should:

1. Believe in yourself

2. Stand up for what you are afraid of

3. Take action

4. Test your beliefs

5. Take small steps

6. Practice, practice, and practice more

7. Be persistent

8. Be positive

Remember – it is your commitment to courage, which will take you to the next level. You can not just talk about “something” you need to act on.

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